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Engagement Rings 2013

The “traditional” solitaire diamond is not taking front seat in engagement ring styles this year; in fact, it’s stepping to the side, and you’ll see some fabulous new trends in engagement rings with cool cuts, intricate settings, dazzlingly different tints and modern styles that are stepping the traditional solitaire to the side.  You’ll also see quite a few gems such as emeralds as the main stone this year.  There are some fabulous new styles, and the bride will definitely have a selection of engagement rings to complement her bridal finger.
Engagement Ring Trends 2013
2013’s engagement ring trends feature some fabulous stones, and some fabulous cuts.  This year’s shapes radiate fiery brilliance and are more visually interesting than ever before.  You’ll also see the color trend extend to the metals of the engagement ring itself.  The “Vintage” style engagement ring is shifting to the Art Deco Period this year with intricate detail and strong lines.
Stunning Round Cuts
Courtesy of Brides
Courtesy of Brides
This is the perfect example of the Art Deco period in Vintage style engagement rings with the strong lines matched with incredibly intricate detailing.  Beautiful!
Courtesy of The Knot
This is another great Vintage Art Deco style engagement ring that is taking notice this year.
Courtesy of Brides
Shades are another aspect of this year’s trends.  The blue sapphire is just below a diamond on the Moh’s hardness scale, making it not only a beautiful choice in an engagement ring gem but a durable one.
Courtesy of The Knot
Courtesy of The Knot
Different shades in diamonds are something that  you’ll also see in this year’s styles like the Cognac and Champagne diamonds above.
Courtesy of Brides
Canary yellow is another popular color and a fancy diamond hue among styles this year.
Courtesy of The Knot
The design is simplistic, but the combination stunning.
Courtesy of Brides
This East-West setting is a beauty on the bridal wedding finger and one that you’ll see quite a bit of in 2013!
Cushion Cut
Courtesy of Brides
The cushion cut is an almost organic shape and one that radiates fiery brilliance.  This cut features large facets that are electric and radiate on the bridal wedding finger.
Emerald Cut
Courtesy of Brides
Courtesy of Brides
You will see a great deal of emerald cut diamond engagement rings this year.  The one above is a sample of the cool cuts and intricate setting that is simply dazzling among today’s modern styles.
The styles of 2013 are fabulous with everything from princess-cut diamonds to halo and double halo settings to emerald, pear and oval cuts, to rings with intricate bands, vintage style engagement rings and hues of colors and gems.  Diamonds are classified by cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Each bride and groom should be familiar with these terms prior to shopping for their engagement ring.  Below is a helpful guide.
Diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight
The cut of a diamond is important as it is what allows the diamond to illuminate. Light filters and reflects from facet to facet when the diamond is cut correctly, and then it is dispersed through the diamond’s top surface.  When the diamond is not properly cut, light will escape through the other side of the pavilion, thus inhibiting the diamond’s use of light, and dulling the brilliance of the diamond.
Diamonds can be cut into many shapes and you should choose a cut that complements your finger and the highest quality of cut you can afford.  The cut is the diamond’s brilliance, and is a main factor in the choice of a diamond.
The most popular diamond shapes are the emerald cut, the oval cut, the marquise cut, the pear cut, the heart cut, and the brilliant cut.
Courtesy of Diamond Manufacturer
Diamonds come in many colors, and the best choice in color for a diamond is a diamond with no color.  Brides will have their choice of a range of colors in diamond which include greens, blues, rare pinks, brown, and faint yellow.  No color is considered the best shade of a diamond. This is because colorless diamonds are able to get the best use of light and will thus result in illuminating the color of the rainbow when the light is dispersed through the top of the stone.
The color of the diamond will be graded from no color to light yellow- with no color being considered the best choice in a selection of a diamond.
Courtesy of Diamond Manufacturer

The clarity of a diamond is determined by an expert with a trained eye who utilizes a 10 power magnifying glass.  Most diamonds have tiny impurities which are called inclusions which can hinder the ability of light to pass through the diamond; therefore, you definitely want to choose a diamond with the least impurities. The fewer the impurities, the more expensive the diamond will be.  In fact, a diamond with no inclusions and surface blemishes is very rare and expensive! 
Courtesy of Diamond Manufacturer
Carat Weight
Carat weight refers to the weight of the diamond.  Diamonds are measured in carat weight.  The higher the weight the more “points” the diamond will have.  A one carat diamond has 100 “points.  A diamond of 50 points will weigh .50 ct.  The value of the diamond varies due to their cut, color, and clarity.
Diamonds should be carefully selected.  Don’t rush into your choice of a diamond!  Take your time, understand the qualities in a good diamond and evaluate your choice very carefully.  The diamond cutter plays a significant role, as the cut is the brilliance of the diamond, and a brilliance that will bring a lifetime of pleasure.  There are some fantastic styles and new trends in engagement rings for 2013 bridal wedding fingers and you’ll definitely have a great time selecting the perfect ring for your finger- especially with your increased knowledge about your selection in diamond cuts and styles.  Enjoy!

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