You are putting lots of effort into your wedding planning. We see a lot of our couples get incredibly creative. Hundreds of origami cranes? Wow… Custom designed cake toppers? Yes please… Everything to personalize your big day and make things…. well.. YOU.

Be Yourself

So why waste a perfectly good engagement shoot and have it be the same as everyone else? Sitting in Queen Elizabeth Park, under a tree, hugging and kissing, gazing into each others eyes. Sitting at the Gastown Starbucks, giggling over coffee. Leaning against a brick wall holding hands… Walking along the beach, or, worse, railroad tracks. Into the sunset. You get the idea.
It’s all nice, nut in the end you have the same pictures as hundreds of other couples, with no significance to you or your partner.  Generic. Are they beautiful? I am sure. Will they get likes on Facebook and Instagram? You bet! Are they maybe a little…. boring?  You be the judge.
I get it, we all need pictures that are “grandma friendly”, and look classy on the “save the date” cards. No worries, lets take those and get it out of the way. Now lets have some FUN. What makes the two of you uniquely YOU?
The opportunities are endless, once you start thinking outside the box! Lets look at some examples…

Hiking the Chief

Laura and Daryn wanted to hike the chief for their engagement shoot. Lets do it! We packed a backpack with strobes, batteries and cameras, threw in some dog grooming products, and hiked late in the day to catch the sunset over the mountains. Stunning views make for stunning pictures.
By the way, the two had an amazing mixed Japanese and Native ceremony…

Alice In Wonderland Meets West Coast

Jen and Darryl gave us the following wish list for their engagement shoot:

  • Have some surreal elements the likes of “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • Have an overall West Coast theme
  • Include pumpkins, as Darryl proposed by carving “will you marry me” into pumpkins on Halloween
  • Include the childhood favorite stuffed animals
  • Have a “typically British” element in the shoot. Their first vacation together was, you guessed it, to London

This is what we ended up with: British “tea time”, shot at Whytecliff Park, we had to postpone the first shoot due to a hurricane coming through. The pumpkins were easily sourced, the floating frames added the surreal element.

Gangster Squad Engagement Shoot

Cheryl and Brad loved the old Hollywood Gangster movies. So we asked a friend who does costumes for the film industry to deck them out.  What do you think?

Engagement Session turned Fantasy Movie Poster

Jo and David met in a video game. For real! So, for their engagement session, we created a fantasy movie poster, with Jo being a pixie and David a knight, including his family crest (how cool is that) on his shield.

Sports Poster Engagement Shoot

Stephanie and David connected over sports. Avid soccer players themselves, they “agree” on most sports teams, butrival over hockey. This was reflected in their engagement session, with them wearing most jerseys in harmony, but butting heads over hockey.