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Flesh Out the Day with Wedding Day Accessories

Now that you have the venue, your gown, and the food all set, what wedding would be truly complete without a few essential accessories?  It is the little details that can take a wedding from dull to dazzling.  Accessories accentuate the outfit, the table setting, the romance and aura, and play a role in nearly every aspect of the wedding.  There are some magnificent “rages” for 2013 with Vintage being one of the HOTTEST of the year.  This year’s brides have an array of styles and accessories to flesh out their wedding day in the most glamorous and romantic manner. Take a look at a few hot accessories for 2013 that we have chosen below.  As you can see, wedding accessories can improve the overall feel of your wedding atmosphere.  

Wedding Day Accessories


Cuffs and Bracelets

Cuffs and bracelets truly add elegance and create a statement that beautifully accentuates the bridal wrist.  This year’s styles range from delicate wedding bracelets to bold Vintage-inspired designs.  The collection is fabulous, as well as, endless, and there are some wonderful designers who have magnificently created true masterpieces to complete the bridal style for every taste level. 

Courtesy of Brides Life
Cuffs and bracelets can add to the “fairy tale” magic of the bride, and should be a choice that complements the gown and beautifully adorns her bridal wrist.


One HOT accessory of 2013 is sparkly shoes, which are being seen in more than just the shade of silver.  Sparkly shoes are being featured in all colors this year, and are adding a real touch of elegance to the bride and her attire. 


 Courtesy of Wedding the Knot

While these might not quite be a pair of shoes that one can use to dance the night away, they definitely are glamorous!  This pair is just a taste of the dazzling sparkly shoes that can be featured this year in all different colors including shades of purple, yellow and blue!  This is definitely a likeable trend in 2013 accessories.

Courtesy of Kaylee Eylander
The classic bow style of these sparkling silver wedding shoes is magnificent and one of my favorite picks as with the appeal dazzles of wedding day magic.   The shoes are an elegant “dream” and the style of the shoe holds comfort, with a heel that can be comfortably worn for the duration of the day.

Spiced Up Garters

One great addition to the wedding accessories of 2013 is the goodbye of fake lace garters!  This year’s selection in garters not only features many of the traditional lace garters, but also some garters with a new twist of fun, flirty, romantic and elegant style.  

Courtesy Wedding the Knot
This is definitely a new flirty, fun style in a garter and one that completely exceeds the ordinary features of the traditional garter belt.

Courtesy of Wedding the Knot
This romantic garter belt is ideal for the traditional “something blue”.  The dainty garter is adorned with a pearl brooch that adds just the “right” touch to show true romance.

Hair Pieces


Wedding hair accessories should complement the bride’s style and personality. This year’s collection of hair accessories and veils include everything from Swarovski crystal to fresh water pearls to sparkling diamantes and more. 


 Courtesy of Wedding the Knot

Wedding headbands can beautifully decorate and compliment the bride and her hairstyle in a romantic and delicate manner that truly displays her magic on her wedding day.  This year, there are many different takes on wedding headbands which include fresh water pearls, elegant side headbands, and jeweled headbands- definitely something for every bride.

Courtesy of Wedding the Knot
This is another delicate and feminine style in a hairpiece that captures both the bride’s beauty and style and which nicely complements the wedding dress.

Evening Clutches

Some brides choose an elegant evening clutch to have a few handy essentials close-by, such as, tissues, eye drops, chalk (for last minute smudges and smears on their wedding dress) and other wedding day essentials.  This year there are elegant evening bags which can beautifully adorn your bridal gown. 

Courtesy of Bella Tiara

This crystal evening clutch is from the collection at Bella-Tiara and is both elegant and functional. It displays true beauty.  The Swarovski crystal clutch definitely compliments most wedding dresses and will be an envious addition in accessory collection for years to come.

Courtesy of Bella Tiara

The elegant gold crystal rhinestone is a clutch from Bella-Tiara, as well, and is perfect to complement an elegant and modern gown.

Personalized Cuff Links

Personalized cuff links don’t necessarily mean the groom’s name initials.  This year grooms are expressing their “own” personality with great looking and fun cuff links that are being seen in everything from sparkling, elegant silvers and gold to pistols and Lego cuff links (like the groom you see in the picture below) as they express their own unique style.  This 2013 trend should definitely not be overlooked by the groom (or bride that just might want to consider the cuff links as a wedding gift to her husband to be!)

Courtesy Wedding the Knot

As you can see, the Lego cuff link definitely is a great personality statement that is unique to the groom and fits his formal black and white wedding color scheme nicely.  Cuff links are one opportunity for grooms to add their own personality into the wedding and one in which the cuff link style shows the groom’s own personality, which can be quite charming. 

Courtesy of Unfinished Man

Although these are the world’s most expensive cuff links at $4.2 million dollars, they are a prime example of sophisticated cuff links that can truly express the man!Diamond cuff links are a wonderful style for wedding attire and one that looks pretty sharp on most men.  Like all styles, diamond cuff links are the style of the man, as cuff links this year are being used to show the personality of the groom.  If you happen to have those extra zeros to spare, you can purchase the cuff links at Jacob & Co. Emerald Cut Canary Diamond Cufflinks.

Table Setting

Table settings add to the charm, romance and elegance of the wedding reception scene and help to create the ambiance of the atmosphere.This year there are some very personal ideas in accessories for tables for both the wedding party and guests.

Courtesy Wedding Market Place

Personalized silverware is a trend for 2013 and adds a touch that is romantically remarkable with a personal character of the special day.  This year you’ll see many imprinted silverware settings for the bride and groom, as well as, for guest tables. These settings are definitely romantic and will add true touch of class  to your wedding table!

Wedding Cakes

You’ll see brighter and bolder colors and designs in 2013 wedding cakes that will add the right spark to all wedding themes.  From classic white to bold orange, there’s something on the platter that will be remembered even after the last bite.

Courtesy of English Wedding Blog

This delicate, traditional white cake is picture perfect for many wedding themes and captures the beauty and significance of the wedding day in a simple, yet, elegant manner.  The topper is a beautiful soft pastel rose, but, could be any flower that suits the wedding theme. 

Courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

This lavish green tiered cake is definitely an inspiration in itself! 


Courtesy of Better Homes and Garden


This beautiful cameo styled tiered wedding cake is the essence of true romance (and the ideal item for the “something blue”).  This year, you’ll see many more cakes with colored frosting and decorated with pearls and candies.

Courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

This is another beautiful display of floral in a classic wedding cake.


After having a look at a few of the latest accessories for 2013, we thought we’d leave you special brides to be with a wedding accessories checklist.  Remember, this is just a check list of MUST HAVES…there are many more accessories that can be added to the wedding day.

Wedding Accessories Checklist

Accessories for the Bride:

  • A veil, hair accessories, or headpiece that complements your gown.
  • Comfortable wedding shoes!  Wedding shoes are an accessory that will take a great deal of consideration when selecting the shoes.   Although the shoes will most likely not be seen, you not only want a pair that is not only attractive, but, a pair of shoes that offer the comfort for you to truly enjoy the day.  You’ll be on the dance floor and fluttering around the reception and your shoes should be comfortable.
  • An evening clutch that nicely compliments your gown so you can hold the all-important wedding day “must haves” such as eye drops and tissues.
  • A cardigan, shrug, or jacket to keep the chill off your shoulders in case it gets chilly.
  • Wedding jewelry to add that extra sparkle of ambiance of romance, and love.
  • Your bridal garter belt.
  • Bridal lingerie.

Accessories for the Groom

  • A wristwatch.  There is no better way to get the groom to the church on time than to ensure he’s wearing a wristwatch!
  • A buttonhole to match your bouquet.
  • Cufflinks to add elegance to his attire.
  • A pocket handkerchief (which both you just may need!)
  • If the affair is formal then definitely gloves and a hat.
  • A waistcoat or cummerbund.
  • A bow tie, cravat or tie.

Accessories for the Wedding Party

  • Jewelry is the ideal “thank you” gift for your bridesmaids
  • Hair accessories which not only flesh out the attire, but, also complement the wedding theme in pictures.
  • Waistcoats, ties, and top hats for the ushers and fathers.
  • Wrist corsages for the mothers and buttonholes for the male members.
  • Flower girl basket.
  • Cushion or wedding ring bag for the ring bearer or best man.
  • Accessories for the Ceremony
  • Rose petals, confetti, rice, and guest to shower you with celebration when leaving the church!
  • Lightly fragranced candles to add ambiance to the atmosphere.
  • Orders of service.

Wedding Accessories for the Reception

  • Place names, escort cards, and a seating plan to help your guest to find their seats.
  • Wedding cake topper, stand, knife, and cake bones.
  • Bomboniere as a “thank you” to your guests for being part of your wedding celebration.
  • Table runners, jewels, serviette rings, and candles.
  • A wishing well for gifts in envelopes.
  • Disposable cameras and videos for those class wedding moments.
  • Wine glass gems and colorful glassware.

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