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Flower Girl Dresses and Tips

Flower girls hold their own special spotlight in the bridal party, and their dress should be one that is chosen carefully.  It is especially important for the littlest member of the wedding party to feel comfortable and special to ensure she not only shines with cuteness; but, also has the special glory of her formal debut with all her precious demureness.  There’s much more to the flower girl’s presence than just matching the color of the dress with the bridesmaid dresses or the bridal gown.   Get a glimpse at some stylish flower girl dresses, some tips in choosing the dress, and some tips for the little one herself for “her” special day.

Flower Girl Dresses

This year’s flower girl dresses are fun and infused with color, as well as, the traditional white and ivory. You and your little member of the bridal party should not have too much difficulty when choosing that perfect  dress.  There’s no “set” style this year as any sweet dress that ties into the look of the wedding is acceptable.  The main element is that it is comfortable, not too long, and does make her feel like a princess!  The main concerns are formality, quality, season, comfort, length, style, color, wrinkle factor, and budget.  With that said, let’s take a look at some of the cutest flower girl dresses of 2013 and then we’ll get further into the details of selecting them. We will also explore some awesome flower girl tips to help ensure that the day runs smoothly with the little one.
Courtesy of Intimate Wedding
Courtesy of Intimate Wedding
The flower girl dress can be an image of the bridal gown, as you can see from the pictures above.  However, if you look at the pictures below, you’ll see some really brightly colored dresses that are infused with color, which are quite popular this year, as well.

Courtesy of My Girl Dress
Courtesy of My Girl Dress
Courtesy of Mass Luxury Wedding
Another style in flower girl dresses that you’ll see plenty of this year are dresses with sashes the color of the bridesmaid dresses and soft pastels, like the ones shown above.
Courtesy of Isabella Fate
Courtesy of My Girl Dress
Courtesy of Mass Luxury Wedding
You’ll also see some brightly colored wedding day flower girl dresses which are truly fun!
Courtesy of The Last Detail
Courtesy of A Girly Boutique
Courtesy of A Treasure
Courtesy of Eco Friendly Wedding
Now that you’ve had a look at a few of the dresses of 2013, let’s take a look at some helpful tips that will help you to choose the right flower girl dress for your flower girl.


Formality is definitely a top consideration in a flower girl dress, and the formality of the dress will depend on the formality of your wedding.  You’ll want the flower girl dress to match the theme of the wedding.  If you are having a formal wedding then you’ll likely want to go with a bridesmaid dress that is like the bridal gown or a fancy dress for the flower girl.  If you are having a beach wedding, then you’ll definitely want something that is light and airy in colors such as pastels and simple designs.


When you choose the style of your flower girl’s dress, stay within the style of the wedding.  The flower girl walks down the aisle right before the bride, and the eyes will first focus on her, and then you!  The little one can be dressed in her special version of your gown, or a version of the bridesmaids’ dresses, or a style of her own, but, it should definitely complement your gown.


When you choose the color of your little flower girl’s dress you want to choose a colors that are part of the wedding.  If your selection in a flower girl dress is a mini version of your gown, you should incorporate some color from the color scheme of your wedding, whether it is putting bows in the little one’s hair or adding a sash to the dress or small flowers on the dress.


No matter what the age of your flower girl, you will want a dress that is comfortable, and still show beauty.  If the dress is uncomfortable, the spirit of the wedding will not flow.  Little girls love to dress up; but, if the dress is not comfortable you’re likely to her whining.  The same holds true for the shoes.  The shoes should be comfortable flats that she can comfortably enjoy the day wearing.

Wrinkle Factor and Quality

Likely the only time that the little one will be standing still is during your ceremony (and the pictures, of course!)  The flower girl will be on the move throughout the day and you want to choose a dress that stays neat and pretty.  Choose fabrics that are not easily wrinkled and that are durable.  Try to stay away from velvet and silk which wrinkle and tear easily.  The quality of the fabric is important.


When you select your flower girl dress, the season will play a big role in the style of the dress.  If your marriage ceremony and reception is during the summer or spring months then you’ll definitely want to make sure the flower girl is dressed appropriately.  Long sleeves would definitely lead to uncomfortable and should be avoided.  If your wedding is during the winter or fall then short dresses should be avoided.


For flower girl dresses, there are basically two lengths that should be considered- tea lenth and floor length.  If you choose tea length then you’ll want to make sure that the tights or socks that you choose are appropriate for the style of the dress.  If you go with a floor length dress, then you’ll want to ensure that the dress is not too long to avoid tripping.


There is no secret that when we plan our wedding, we must have a budget, otherwise, the money will fly!  If money is an issue then consider purchasing a nice party dress or a flower girl dress online.  There are a lot of budget bridal retailers on the Internet.

Flower Girl Tips

While some families only have one “little” member, others have many, and the choice of which little one to choose becomes difficult.  One thing to remember is that today’s modern wedding is accepting of more than one flower girl in the wedding party; so, if you can’t narrow the candidates down to one, than narrow the selection down to two or three.
Flower girls are typically four to eight years old, and as a rule of thumb, you should not really choose one under four.  Children under four have the tendency to be timid and somewhat scared in front of strangers and large crowds and it is not uncommon for them to be confused.   Whatever the age of your flower girl, definitely help prepare her with her own special flower girl book.  There are many out there with “Fiona the Flower Girl” being a great choice.

How to Prepare Your Flower Girl

One of the most important things is that the flower girl needs to feel special, and she needs to feel that she is part of the wedding party.  It is important to ask one of the bridesmaids to be her “buddy” to make sure that she has someone next to turn to if she is nervous, someone that makes her feel like she is “one of the girls”, someone to make sure she uses the restroom before the ceremony, and someone to hold on to if she needs to. You likely remember yourself as a child how special you felt when you felt as though you were the limelight of someone’s attention.  Having one of the bridesmaids play will help the flower girl transition into her role.  It is a big day for the little one, as well, and it is important that she is as comfortable as possible.

Take a Load Off Her Feet

For the younger flower girls it might be the best ideal to provide them with a seating option during the ceremony.  While they may be cute, they can be fidgety during the ceremony.  A seating option off to the side is totally acceptable.

Make Sure They Nap Beforehand

The day will be exciting and for the little ones, it is crucial that they have a nap beforehand.  If a nap is not possible, even a few minutes away from the excitement is important.  Here, their “buddy” can really lend a hand.  Make sure that she is in charge of ensuring that the flower girl has some quite time before the ceremony and reception.

Expect the Unexpected

The younger the flower girl is, the less she’ll understand that this is a “big” day and one that you’ve been dreaming about for years.  Remember that there are likely to be minor mistakes, moments of bashfulness, or possibly dropping all the rose petals in one spot.  The best thing is to relax and know that each little whimsical element is often looked upon as “cuteness”, and in most cases will add to the day.

Where to Find Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girl dresses are offered at bridal shops, department stores and children’s clothing stores.  Most often, the parents pay for their daughter’s dress, so it is a courtesy to choose something that is affordable.

Flower Girl Gifts

Definitely don’t forget to honor your flower girl with a special present that she’ll have as a memory for life.  Most brides prefer jewelry as a special keepsake of the memorable day, and following are a few gifts that are ideally suited for a flower girl.
The delightful heart charm bracelet is designed for flower girls and is ideal for the younger flower girl and speaks “special princess” with its sparkling pink and clear Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and sterling silver-plated heart charm.  A single initial can be engraved and the bracelet comes in a organza gift pouch.
Courtesy of Linen and Things
While the pink flower girl camera is something that she likely won’t have for life, it is definitely a nice token of the day, and perfect for the “little miss” to click away memories of her own.
Courtesy of The Knot
The Make a Wish Bracelet is a tiny star that is attached to a piece of Irish linen and somewhat of a fantasy bracelet just like the dreams of the big day!
Courtesy of The Knot
For young flower girls, going down the aisle can be frightening, and the wedding day bear is definitely a security blanket for the occasion and the perfect companion to help ease the tension!
Courtesy of The Knot
Brides spend months preparing for their big day.  If you have a flower girl in the wedding party, especially if she is young, be sure that you take the proper time to prepare her, as well, or you may find you have more surprises than you bargained for!

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