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From The Trenches: Vancouver Wedding Trends for 2015

We are nearing the end of “Wedding Fair Season”, and while the internet is full of “2015 Wedding Trends” articles, talking about colors and the latest cake décor, we noticed that – on the floor – brides worry about some things you rarely read about:

Same Sex Weddings

This season, we get more inquiries from same sex couples than ever before. As it becomes more and more common for same sex couples to officially “tie the knot”, the wedding industry has issues keeping up. “It starts with simple things”, several couples complained “like having to fill in questionnaires requiring to specify a ‘bride’ and a ‘groom’. 
Going further, quite a few couples were concerned that we would photograph them, thinking of one of them one being “the bride”, and one being “the groom”. As one girl put it: “We both are brides, and want to both be seen as beautiful and girly”.

I believe these are valid concerns to be addressed, and – both as vendors and human beings – it is our responsibility to make our industry more welcoming and open.
I, for my part, was guilty as charged many years ago, when I signed the first contract with a same sex couple. After the boys had to decide whom to pick as “the bride”, I sat down that same evening and created a new set of forms and contracts for same sex couples. Ignorance is more often than not embarrassing.


For me, being a lover of printed art work, this is a great trend. I am so happy to see couples expressing an increased interest into high quality albums. The question “can we just get it digital”, so common over the past few years, was almost never heard in any of the shows we went to. That’s great! Couples start to realize how volatile digital images are, and start to become more concerned about creating lasting memories of their wedding. I think that’s wonderful!

Individualism & Details

There’s a strong spirit of individualism this season, with couples being keen on infusing their ceremonies and receptions with their own personality! Couples want to communicate who they are, make the wedding personal and unique, instead of having the “same old, same old”. They put thought into the details, and into making a wedding fun and memorable not only for themselves, but also for their guests. For example…

Drink & Tasting Stations, Food Trucks

Vancouver is a city of foodies, and this has been reflected in weddings increasingly more often these past few years. This trend continues, more and more often you now see smaller portions of a larger variety. For example: tasting flights of craft beer, shots of different bourbons, wine samplings, or even a lemonade or fizzy soda bar – couples are letting guests sample an array of beverages. 
These types of different drink stations are yet another way to let guests peek into a couple’s personal tastes, with the added bonus of helping to keep the bar budget in check.

Tasting stations have taken over the cocktail hour, with couples showing off their favorite foods in manageable portions. From oyster shucking stations and mac ‘n cheese bars, to make-it-your-own taco stands to local food trucks pulling right up to the patio, the idea is to surprise the guests with an unexpected assortment of party food

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