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Fun Pic Friday

Photograph by Carli Davidson at carlidavidsonphotography.com
I stumbled across this gem and I couldn’t resist sharing. You can practically hear those big jowls and ears flopping around. It’s not too often you can see all that extra dog skin in motion. I love pet photography. When I first got into photography my dog Lorelei was my favorite model. It was so much fun for me to catch her in the act of doing something funny or curled up sleeping. My favorite pictures that I have taken of my dog are when she is playing in the yard, jumping in mid air with wild eyes. I have an action mode on one of my cameras that is perfect for playtime. It makes me happy to see her happy and I look through the photographs from time to time. For most of us who have pets, they are a valued member of the family. To me, it is just as important to document their lives with us as it is for our human loved ones. I can’t even count how many pictures I have of my dogs. I have her old collars that she has outgrown just as a mother keeps her children’s baby clothes (which might be a little overboard, I know).
Pet photography is a growing genre. As I said, most people cherish their pets as a part of the family and it would be beneficial to know the best way to capture images of someone’s beloved pets. Although it’s not mandatory to like and understand animals to photograph them, I do think that it is beneficial in this genre. For those of us who have pets, we know that every animal has their own unique personality and I would search for a photographer who would be able to capture that. In this photograph, it is clear that the photographer understands her subject. I think it would do photographers a lot of good to learn about our not-so-human counterparts and discover new ways to catch them on camera, as this photographer has done.
I think when bath time rolls around I might just bring out the camera to see if I can capture a moment like this!

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