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Fun Pic Friday

Photograph by Maximonstertje Photography

Yet another Etsy find! I saw my first bluebonnet of the season (a big deal here in Texas) and it made me start looking forward to spring and summer! I came across this great photograph that reminds me of childhood and summertime. When I was little, nothing was better on a hot summer day than a big ol’ slushie! I like the color and vintage look to this photograph. I wouldn’t mind having it in my kitchen as a reminder of simple pleasures and the summer season. Photography does the job of reminding you to stop and smell the roses…or in this case slushies, and brings back memories like an old favorite song. When I see this photograph I hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge,” still one of my favorites. There is something very special about the connection we have with photographs. So even though a particular image might not fit in a certain genre, capture it! You never know what it could end up meaning to you or someone else. So, with spring on the way, try to find that bit of color starting to emerge and capture it this weekend!

To see more work from this artist, visit here

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