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Gadget Monday: Bring Your Photos To Life With The New iPhone App Flixel

Oh, don’t look at me like that. Of course I know you’re a respectable photographer who didn’t spend thousands and thousands of dollars on equipment just to fool around with their iPhone. But look me in the eye and tell me you don’t have an Instagram account or a rather impressive gallery you’re not ashamed to share with your friends on Facebook. I thought so.

When you’re able to present still a photograph and have that one element that’s in motion with this hint of motion that is so strategically placed, it’s a story within a story. It’s either emphasizing a point, exploring an image’s perspective or highlighting something. You are just drawn to that point in photography. – Mark Homza, co-founder of Flixel.

It all started when co-founders Phillippe LeBlanc and Mark Homza discovered the project Cinemagraph, which you must already be familiar with. The beautiful, subtle movement of the photographs inspired them to give everyone the chance to create something close to what visual graphics artist Kevin Burg did. Of course, with less fancy equipment and no Photoshop or Adobe After Effects.
Flixel is quite impressive, actually. It’s a new app developed by Canadian company Flixel Photos who managed to come up with a brilliant idea: the possibility of creating animated GIFS in a matter of seconds using nothing but your iPhone. Forget about costly equipment, tripods, complex software and so on. All you need to do is download the free app from their website or iTunes, install it and start experimenting.

What Is This GIF You Speak Of

A GIF is a graphic interchange format widely spread across the Internet. Although they have multiple uses, such as logo display on websites, they’ve recently regained their popularity via the pop culture movement, especially on Tumblr, for their capacity of capturing a few seconds’ worth of motion as a cross between photography and video.

How To Capture An Animated GIF

Once you’ve installed the application, start by taking a photo. The app will record more information than it would normally do for a photograph, although what you’ll be seeing is a still image. Then, slide your finger across the screen over the area you wish to be animated. That’s all! The app does all the work for you and exports it as a GIF and shares it over your social media accounts, where the GIFs will play over and over.


If GIFs have caught your attention, maybe you’d like to learn some more about them. Off Book did a great job explaining GIFs and their impact on culture in the video below:

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