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Gadget Monday: Cool new DSLR Pocket Rig from Edelkrone

With DSLR videography nowadays being more the norm rather than the exception, the market offers a variety of DSLR rigs.
Only a few of those are actually of decent quality, usable – and large and expensive. The cheaper and smaller versions don’t perform well enough to be taken seriously…
On paper (aheam… make that “screen”), the Edelkrone “Pocket Rig” looks like it combines the best of both worlds to create this “Transformer” of a rig.
It’s supposed to have been shown in NAB 2012, but the major HDSLR sites I frequent doesn’t seem to highlight this.  It is just about the size of a battery grip, but it also houses a shoulder stock and 15mm rods to mount a follow focus. This rig packs a lot of cool factor.
You can find the Edelkrone Pocket Rig at their website for $299, which is fairly reasonable. Hopefully, the quality is there, too. We will make sure to post a hands-on review as soon as the device is available. For now, check out the video below…

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