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Gadget Monday: PocketWizard Beta Firmware Released

Apologies everyone, I have been incredibly busy and didn’t get around to writing more gear&gadget related posts. But I have lots of material for the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned:
Today I would like to forward the news from the guys over at pocket wizard, who released a new firmward for the Nikon version of the Flex TT1 and TT5.
This is exciting, becasue it fixed some issues I didn’t even know were bugs in the firmware, especially some problems I encoubntered in aperture priority mode combined with rear curtain sync, as well as flash firings on camera wakeup…
Also nice that the D4 is now “officially” supported, even though I have to admit that I used this camera already with the Flex’es without any issues.
So here the thist of new features and bug fixes fresh from the pocket wizard website…

Compatibility with new Nikon equipment:

The following new Nikon gear is supported in this beta firmware release:

  • D4 Camera
  • D800 Camera
  • D800E Camera
  • SB-910 Speedlight

This equipment will work in the ControlTL® system similarly to previous Nikon equipment.

Please review the general Nikon Operational Considerations on the PocketWizard Wiki.

Special note: When using the D800 and D800E with the ControlTL system, these cameras may experience some flash clipping when using wide aperture lenses like the 50mm/1.4 at the fastest shutter speeds when stopped down to f:18 or narrower. This phenomenon is being investigated.

Other Improvements:

  • Corrected a situation where pressing TEST after making a settings change on a MASTER flash would cause remote flashes to not trigger until the camera went through a sleep/wake cycle.
  • Fixed a bug where a Speedlight on Zone C would occasionally cause an over-exposure.  Improved D7000 HyperSyncTM operation.  Improved Pre-Flash operation across all zones.
  • Fixed a bug where an SB-800 would strobe as the camera wakes.
  • Corrected SB-800 EV adjustments when used as a master (bug introduced in 3.022, corrected in 3.110).
  • Improved Aperture Priority combined with Rear Curtain Sync operation.
  • Corrected FlexTT5 Pre-Trigger operation when used as a remote camera trigger with an ACC cable in Basic Trigger Mode with a MultiMAX.

All details can be found on the pocketwizard blog

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