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Gadget Monday: Rolleiflex Mini Digital Camera

Rollei Rollei Rollei. The Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 Digital Camera is an impressively detailed miniature replica of the famous Rolleiflex 2.8F 6x6cm Twin Lens Reflex Camera.
First developed in Germany in the 1920’s, the Rollei 6x6cm Twin Lens Reflex Camera has always been a preferred tool for serious photography, especially portraits. And because it’s as pretty as the pictures it takes, the Rollei has became a classic of 20th century camera design.
This 5.0 Megapixel digital camera preserves many of the outstanding convenience features and of course the nostalgic design elements of the original such as the Crank Action frame advance, and classic square format images that Rolleiflex Twin Lens cameras are famous for. It uses a 3-megapixel image sensor and the camera can produce images with three resolution options that are all in the traditional square format; 2304 x 2304 pixels (5 megapixel) for high resolution, 1536 x 1536 pixels (3 Megapixels)in standard resolution and a low resolution of 768 x 768 pixels (1 Megapixel).
The Rollei Mini allows you to shoot from a distance of 4 inches(10cm) to infinity, saving each image to a Mini SD Card. The Waist Level finder also makes it easier to take low-angle shots, and you can even frame images with the camera placed directly on the floor; no more lying down on your belly to look through a viewfinder.
About the “crank action”: Just like the original Rollei, the MiniDigi has a ‘film advance’ crank lever on its side. Although it uses no film, a turn of this crank readies the camera for the next shot. I love this 🙂

Let’s be clear: This is not a “daily use” camera, but a fun toy. It’s a great conversation starter at any party, and it’s really really cute. And don’t forget the nostalgia factor. The camera is – I believe – discontinued by the manufacturer, but can still be found all over the internet and on eBay.

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