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GROOM-ing in style

Ahhh yes - shaving. The daily ritual that says soooo much about a guy πŸ™‚ If you are looking for a gift for one of the guys, be it the groom himself or the groomsmen, anything shaving related is usually a good bet. Depending "what kind of shaver" he is, I suggest the following options - all personally tested:

The Shaving Starter Set

For the lazy guy currently using an electric razor, or *gasp*, a throw away razor and foam from a can, gifting a shaving starter set on the day of your wedding will be opening a whole new world for him. Of course, it’s best to shave with high quality shaving products, like a sharp razor and a hydrating shave gel. The limited edition "Shave with Pride" set from Harry's  is a fun designed, travel friendly, high quality starter kit that doesn't break the bank. That is what I use all the time when travelling. It comes with travel friendly protective casings and all the products you need.
Give it to the groomsmen so everyone is equipped with a new razor, for a close shave with no nicks, to ensure they will look your best on the aisle. Plus, this will make a great opportunity for us to snap some cool photos of the groom and his crew shaving before the ceremony.

Local ARTISAN-SHIP for the Discerning Gentleman Groom

If your groom or groomsman can appreciate the difference between a $15 brush and a $200 brush, this one is for you:
I first met Brad from "The Copper Hat" at a wedding show in Victoria. He developed a hand crafted line of locally sourced shaving products, and they are NICE! I L O V E his stuff. His razors are truly one of a kind, and he sells a full line of sets to get you fully decked out. Be warned, though, his stuff is not cheap. I have my eye on a beautiful, absolutely one-of-a-kind shaving brush made from wood reclaimed from the wild fires up north a few years ago. A brush with a story! A brush with character. A brush with a price tag that requires me to save up for it... But boy... it's nice....


If he already has a nice razor

Finding good quality soap is a bit like finding good underwear: Personal, and rarely talked about.
My personal favorite is "Dr Harris Arlington Save Cream" (e.g. here ). It smells nice, yet not too strong, lathers great, feels great. Classy, traditional, understated.

Another one I really like is "Henri-et-Victoria Artisan Shaving Soap". Comes in unscented, or many unusual scents.

Be warned... once you try this stuff you never go back to canned foam.

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