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Are We Growing out of Selfies?

Living in Vancouver of beautiful British Columbia, we are faced with many advertisements and commercials everyday and everywhere. All of which created to make a statement or tell a story of some sort.  Reaching from a Vancouver-based wedding, engagement, boudoir, newborn photographers’ stand point, we are thrilled to see many people seeking presence through the lenses of a camera. Although finding our own voices in the social networks can be just as competitive in Vancouver (let alone on the internet), our desire and need for self-branding shows our tenacious attempts in finding a place we belong on this planet.
A couple months back, we published a blog entry regarding selfies and how it’s a huge trend in Vancouver. Well, pretty much globally nowadays. Recently, according to New York Times, there is a new movement on the web in regards to profile photos and their impact to an individual and the society surrounding. As most us already know, Merriam-Webster Dictionary has recently added the world “selfie” into their database recording the definition as: an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.
Social Networks. Two plain simple words that shape our cyber profile(s). One of many tools most employers use to research into potential employees. Even more importantly for business owners to attract and gain trust from potential customers. If done inappropriately, important opportunities may lose confidence in the way one positions oneself. For example, let’s look at the photos below. If you were an employer comparing resumes and profiles, which image would give an employee “the edge?” We are all emotional beings; we cannot disregard how any of our footprints (digital or physical) can leave with others.
What do you guys think? It’s a toughie now that our personal world and professional world is merging via the internet. How do you guys feel when looking at these two photos? Leave a comment!!
Amy Wall selfie, left and after. Image Courtesy of In Her Image Photography Amy Wall selfie, left and after. Image Courtesy of In Her Image Photography
To read more about this article found on New York Times, click here.

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