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Gura Gear Announces "The Sabi Sack" Stabilizer

Bean bags have been a staple for outdoor and wildlife photographers for decades.
Gura Gear, makes of high-end bags and nifty, well-thought through gear items (like my beloved Et Cetera baggies,  introduces it’s own version with the Sabi Sack. Touted as “more than just another bean bag”, the Sabi well designed, with a few extra straps that increase versatility, but in the end you have … well… another refillable bean bag 🙂
Nothing wrong with that, the build quality is excellent, and this will certainly be one of those items you buy for life, at an – absolutely acceptable – price of (at time of writing) 40 or 60 bucks, depending on the size, or $80 for both.

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