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Headless Wedding Portraits: Her Dress

While not everyone is a fan of headless wedding portraits, headless portraits can allow attention to be drawn to the beautifully planned details of the wedding–especially the bride’s dress.  Some brides choose to have the details of her dress captured before she puts it on.  Others prefer to have the detailed dress photos taken while wearing it.  For the bride who chooses to wear the dress, capturing the ornate details of the her dress may be best accomplished with a headless wedding portrait.
Photo Courtesy Of Willow Weddings
Taking a portrait of the bride without anything in her hands allows us to fully capture the details of the dress.  Take the photo of the bride below as an example.  Because she is not carrying her bouquet or any other prop, our eye focuses in on the beautiful jeweled waist on her dress.  With free hands, she’s able to pulling out a layer of her dress that allows us to see the delicate lace from which her dress is constructed.  There are no rules and regulations when it comes to snapping headless portraits; there is nothing that says we can’t capture a bit of the bride’s face.
Photo Courtesy Of Jose Villa
Even while carrying her bouquet we can capture a great dress shot.  After all, brides often choose flowers in their bouquet that best compliment their look, style, and personality.  The photo below is evidence that, even if the bride chooses to carry her bouquet, it is still possible for us to capture a great shot of her entire dress.
Photo Courtesy Of The Nichols
At times, orrnate detailing is found on the back of wedding dresses.  The headless photo below allows for a closer look at the beautiful embellishments on the dress

Photo Courtesy Of Paul Vincent
As mentioned earlier, not everyone is a fan of headless portraits.  If you want to capture photos that focus on the details of your dress while maintaining some form of facial identity, a mirror reflection photo like the one below may be your best bet.
Photo Courtesy Of The Shameless Bride

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This is a very nice dress. I am excited to see my future bride wearing this kind of wonderful luring dress.

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