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Headless Wedding Portraits: His Attire

Headless wedding portraits can often look like a mistake; they may look like the photographer accidentally left out everything from the neck up.  But if done correctly, a headless wedding portrait can highlight the details of the wedding in a unique manner.
Although we may focus more on the the bride in her wedding dress, she is not the only one who dresses for the occasion.  The groom’s attire is chosen to compliment her dress and should not be overlooked.  Capturing headless portraits of the groom will help us to focus on what he’s wearing.
The groom is not always captured in portraits alone.  More often than not, he is accompanied by his best man or surrounded by all of his groomsmen.
Take the picture below as an example.  In this shot, the groom is surrounded by his groomsmen and the photographer has chosen to take a headless portrait.  Having a headless portrait allows you to focus on what they are wearing, how they are standing, and the new ring on his finger.  Yes, you may be able to look at those aspects of the photo if the heads were photographed, but your immediate attention would not be on their attire, it would be on their faces.

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty
In the photograph below, the groom is centered among his groomsmen.  Each man has a similar, yet, somewhat distinct look.  This time, the headless portrait allows us to, not only focus on what the groom and his groomsmen are wearing, but also on who has joined them–his dog (perhaps an honorary groomsman).

Photo Courtesy of A&P Wedding
Headless portraits work even when the groom can’t be seen in the photograph.  In the picture below, we see the groomsmen standing alongside the bride and groom during the ceremony.  Keeping the photograph below the shoulders keeps a sense of uniformity amongst the groomsmen as they support the groom.

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty
The groom may choose to stray away from the uniform look and opt to have different looks for his groomsmen.  Even so, having at least a few headless wedding portraits will allow photos to focus on their unique attire.
Photo Courtesy of Intimate Weddings
Regardless of what look the bride and groom are going for, headless wedding portraits will allow us to capture the details of the groom and groomsmen’s attire.

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