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High School Model Program: Jean

As part of our new high school modeling program, we recently had a pleasure to welcome Jean as our “Star Of The Day”.

Jean, coming across as very “innocent”, brought along a variety of wardrobe, and we eased into the shoot in a nice summer dress with very subtle makeup (supplied by our amazing MUA Neet).

Vancouver High School Model: Jeanne Vancouver High School Model: Jeanne
We then got more daring, fashion inspired and added a more form fitting dress and a leather jacket, complimented by bolder makeup. Jeanne immediately switched into more confident body language, struck her poses with more power and almost “bad-ass” facial expressions.

This gave me the idea of going dark, almost goth on her makeup and shoot just her face against a red background. It’s amazing to see Jean play along and giving me different expressions – seemingly effortlessly.

Once we had a good thing, going, we stuck with it… Neet had a bit of fun with some of the props in the studio

As it was raining outside, we initially thought of taking the shoot outside in cute rubber boots, the summer dress and a clear umbrella. Instead, since we had so much fun shooting the bolder looks, we opted for the leather Jacket and left the bold makeup. We went into Gastown’s “Blood Alley”. shot for half and hour and got completely soaked before returning to the studio and finishing the shoot off with coffee…

We are having a lot of fun with the modeling program, and will be releasing a separate website and magazine soon! Stay tuned….

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