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How Our Best Clients Choose Us

Julia Kuzmenko wrote an article over at FStoppers talking about her experiences in interviewing her best clients on why they chose her.
Everyone who has been in teh business for a while shouldn’t be surprised that the answer had very little do do with photography, but .. I suggest you read the full article over at Fstoppers.
However, please allow me to quote the section below, titled Key Takeaways, which I think is something everyone who is running a business business should have pinned on their bathroom mirrors:
1. Ask questions. Always seek feedback from your best clients. You will be surprised how far your assumptions may be from the truth. I was stunned when I read my own clients’ answers.
2. Do your homework. Thoroughly prepare for each photo shoot. Know what, when and how you are going to shoot, so that your client can relax, have a great time and let you take control.
3. Show your involvement and passion. Inspire! Let your passion be contagious. Remember, you create art! And make sure your client has a blast. If she really enjoys the whole experience, she will come back to you again and again.
4. Be helpful and proactive. Collect useful materials about outfits and accessories that you can send to your client to help her prepare for a shoot with you. For example, I email this article to my clients: 21 Ideas For What To Wear To A Photo Shoot when they are unsure as to what outfits to bring.
Collect visual boards to inspire your clients and figure out what images they like. For example, I email my Pintrest collection to my clients before each boudoir shoot and ask what images they like: ~ Sensual | Boudoir Photography Inspirations ~.
5. Keep improving your skills. Keep demanding more from yourself, keep striving to become a better professional.

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