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How to Become a Better Photographer: Don't Listen to Other People!

Becoming a better photographer involves constantly improving your craft, your vision, your skill. All the time. Every day.
We all like to be validated. We want our work to be loved and admired by others. But the sad truth is: You can’t please everyone. Guess what: The McNally’s, the McCurry’s, the Joy L’s of this world are facing critizism of their work every single day. It’s true!
Constructive criticism is great, but the Facebook “Like” button, as well as many of Flickr’s beloved “criticism groups”, are your worst enemy. Instead of taking a few minutes and telling you “I like this because…”, or “I would do this different”, people readily click the “Like” button or comment “Nice Pic”. Resist the dark side….
Let me soften the (admittedly provocative) words in the title: Find a few good people worth listening to! People creating art you admire. People who take the time to actually look at your picture and are able to provide constructive criticism. The good and the bad. Then listen well! Then go out, take their advise, and don’t be afraid to ignore it because something else works better for you. They just might learn something from you in the process.

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