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How to Dress for Your Wedding Events

You may already have your wedding gown tailored, steamed and carefully hung up for your wedding day, but what about all the other dresses you’ll have to pick out for your wedding-related parties? You’ll need chic outfits for your engagement party, bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, too. Read on to find out what you should wear to every important soiree leading up to your big day.
Photo courtesy of Indulgy. Photo courtesy of Indulgy.

Engagement Party Duds

From the time you get married until you walk down the aisle, you’re pretty much allowed to wear white every single day, regardless of when Labor Day is. If you do want to wear white to your engagement party, play around with accessories to fit the atmosphere and time of day.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
At your engagement party, two things are going to be front-and-center: your I’m-so-in-love sparkle and your flashy, glimmering engagement ring. Keep your dress simple and neutral so that everything else can stand out, including your mega watt smile and your brand new diamond. If you don’t want to be too reserved, choose a dress in a non-flashy color but a standout fabric, like lace. You can also go a little wild with your shoes, so make sure to pick out a killer pair.
Photo courtesy of Kate Spade. Photo courtesy of Kate Spade.

Bridal Shower Garb

If you forgot already, you’re totally safe wearing any variant of white or cream – it’ll make it easier for you to stand out from the crowd, since white screams, “I’m the bride!” This is your party, though, and you can wear what you want to! A soft, feminine color, like baby pink or pale yellow, works well for a bridal shower. Odds are that your bridal shower is going to take place during the day, so choose a sweet day dress instead of a dramatic nighttime number. The more girly, the better, because you’re probably going to be surrounded by lots of gals (no boys allowed!), so don’t shy away from super-ladylike embellishments like bows or ruffles. If you love prints, floral dresses are almost always in style and flattering – keep accessories to a minimum, pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail and pick out a brightly colored shoe.
Photo courtesy of Inspire. Photo courtesy of Inspire.
“Great…but I’m not girly at all.” If my mention of bows and ruffles made you cringe, look for a tuxedo-style dress and pair it with tough accessories.
Super Helpful Tip: Before you buy your bridal shower dress, have a friend take photos of you standing up and sitting down in it. Everyone at your shower is going to be snap-happy and you’re going to be sitting down for a lot of the day, especially when opening your gifts. You want a dress that’s going to look great on you whatever position you’re captured in.
Photo courtesy of the Bridal Guide.  Photo courtesy of the Bridal Guide.

Rehearsal Dinner Attire

If you’re heading off to your rehearsal dinner, that means that your wedding is right around the corner (eek!) – skip a white dress and “wow” your guests in something a little different. After all, it’s only a matter of hours before your nearest and dearest see you in the most pristine and important gown you’ll ever wear! Rehearsal dinners are, obviously, at night, so pick a bold dress and pair it with equally bold makeup and accessories. Okay, don’t go completely overboard, but something like a flirty black dress with fun stilettos, big earrings and a bright lip is just fine. The only thing you shouldn’t spice up is your manicure – keep it simple so that nothing detracts from your ring.
Photo courtesy of Fashion and Crafts. Photo courtesy of Fashion and Crafts.
If you’re dining at your very favorite restaurant that has that one dessert you can never pass up, opt for a dress that’s a bit forgiving so that you can indulge. Otherwise, go all out and wear something form-fitting; just make sure to choose a mature color palette, elegant accessories and a classic silhouette so that you look like a sophisticated bride-to-be instead of a teenager.
Remember, whatever you choose to wear, make sure you feel beautiful, graceful and extra special in it – this is your time to revel in your exciting and romantic life.

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