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Interesting Honeymoond Ideas: Part I

I’ve been on a honeymoon kick lately, dreaming up perfect honeymoon scenarios. In my research, I came across this awesome trend of upscale camping. You may have heard of it (it’s been around for five or so years), but this was the first time I came across the concept, and I felt I must share! It’s great for those couples who wish to fall asleep under the stars and awaken to the sounds of morning birds and rushing water—while not being bothered by leaky tents, intruding insects, and doing #2 in the woods (and wiping with leaves?… eek.)
Photo courtesy of Pawsup
Glamorous camping has become popular in the past few years for couples who are interested in an eco-friendly honeymoon without sacrificing comfort, style, and convenience. After all, it’s a honeymoon! You should be spending your time making love, not staking tents.
Photo courtesy of Glampinghub
Glamping sites are popping up everywhere, providing accommodations that are often equipped with a propane fireplace, stove, kitchen utensils, a cooler, lanterns, bathrooms, hardwood floors, glass ceilings, and rugs. Some sites provide electricity with a generator, but most are solar-powered and leave out other “luxuries” like cellphone coverage and Wi-Fi. Rainwater is gathered and reused, and recycling is a common practice, so your carbon footprint is almost as small as if you went rugged-style. Hot showers and heated mattress pads (though I’m sure you could do the heating yourselves) are also some of these pre-pitched “tents”’ perks. To boot, some places even have outdoor hot tubs, saunas, and spas, to relax in after a long day of bass fishing.

With all this class and coolness, you might think these types of honeymoons are reserved only for the rich and famous. But some of the places I’ve seen have been as low as $100 a night. Don’t get me wrong, some sites can be pricey, ranging up in the $700s a night, but you deserve it, and you only get one honeymoon (well, per spouse, that is)! Glampinghub.com features sites all over the world- you’ll have a lot of fun picking the perfect destination for you and your honey.
Photo courtesy of Pawsup

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