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Laura & Daryn – Helicopter Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

At one of last years wedding shows, Laura & Daryn took advantage of our incentive, and got a free Helicopter Photo Shoot with their wedding photography collection. Last week, with the weather forecast looking promising, we had “lift off” at Pit Meadows airport, heading into dramatic clouds over Widgeon Lake. We landed on the northern summit, a small tip with steep drop-offs all around, and had an amazing photo shoot.
Just in time. Rain started knocking at the plexiglass cockpit just as we were climbing back into the heli.  Jen and Daryn were amazing to shoot with, and we are very much looking forward to their wedding in the summer.

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Thank You U2, U R both so wonderful + loving and truly reflects in your Art!… Totally enjoyed the time our families have spent in knowing U + the team… Keep up the beautiful + loving touch to all.. Most appreciated + honoured to have met U both. xo
Warm hugs + regards to U both + baby boy!!! xo

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