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Lighting Jack Nicholson

As part of their Master Series, the guys at Profoto released a second video featuring George Holz. This time, Holz tells the story of his improvised, on-the-fly shoot with Jack Nicholson.
What I like so much about here is

  • The setup is amazingly simple, yet it produced an iconic image, which eventually ended up in magazines all over word.
  • It comes to show that it is not just about pressing the shutter. Just as important (if not more) is to not be afraid to interact with your subject. Holz approached Jack while he were waiting for the second subject to get ready. Approaching a character like Nicholson with “you know, you have nothing better to do anyway, would you mind…?” takes guts!

Read the full post on Profoto’s site

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So, you mean to spell that "Profoto" right? 😉


Steve, SO sorry 🙁 I slapped my own wrist in embarrassment and will correct that right away. Thanks for catching that and keep up the good work – love your products!

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