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Lighting With Deep Parabolic Reflectors

Lighting With Deep Parabolic Reflectors

 Saturday, November 7, 2015, 10am to approx 5pm

I’ve always been a fan of BIG softboxes. Go big or go home, right? Deep parabolic softboxes are beasts (59 inches, anyone?), and provide an amazing,  beautiful quality light wrapping around the subject. However, they are not the easiest ones to shoot. It’s almost a little intimidating when you take this thing out of the box. We just got a couple in the studio, and let me tell you: It’s really hard to argue with the results, and – for me – they have become a go-to softbox for all kinds of applications, both inside and outside.

In this one-day hands-on workshop, we will have models, pizza, and plenty of opportunity to shoot and socialize with other photographers. Not only will you learn the characteristics of deep parabolic reflectors, how to exploit them to the max and achieve absolutely stunning and gorgeous results, we will also talk about brands, buying guides, and shoot the models both inside and outside (weather permitting)

The workshop will take place on Saturday, November 7, 2015, from 10am to approx 5pm. Cost is $200. We will start in the studio with some theory, and start shooting as soon as possible. After lunch, we make our way outside to shoot at one or two locations in Gastown or at the beach.

After the workshop, you are welcome to hang out for some post processing tips and tricks, or to socialize over a variety of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages.


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