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Maria's Food Photography Tips: Styling Bonus

Just in time for our food props and styling tips, Bloomsbury created the most expensive edible cupcake the world has ever seen. All for the launch of their bouquet café at the Dubai Mall. “The Golden Phoenix” costs no less than $1,010, but what’s even more astonishing is the production cost of the sugary wonder’s presentation: $28,000!
Remember how I told you that dishes and glassware are very important? Well, the Bloomsbury people definitely know that, as they chose to place the cupcake on a gold plated Maria Antoinette Princess Tea Trolley. Aside from that, the cupcake was made from the finest ingredients in the world: Premium Amedei Porcelana Chocolate, Premium Vanilla Bean from Uganda, edible gold dust, Amedei Porcelana Chocolate Cupcake and organic strawberries. All wrapped, of course, in 23 carat edible gold sheets. Sounds a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?

However, this truly is the word’s most expensive edible cupcake. Yes, edible, because such attempts have been made before, but were not exactly edible, due to diamonds and other decorations. This one is practically covered in gold, but thank God it’s edible. Who knew there was such a thing? Anyway, here’s a good lesson of food styling, level opulence. I can’t help to wonder if anyone ate the cupcake and whether it was any good.

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