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Oxymoronic Wedding Trends

What’s a bride to do when two contrasting concepts appeal to her?  Do them both!  It really is possible to have the best of both worlds.  In fact, it’s very popular to have an “oxymoronic” wedding.
“Oxymoron” is a term derived from the combination of two Greek words meaning “sharp” and “dull.”  Today, the term is used as a figure of speech describing the combination of two contradictory phrases like “money saving wedding” or “seriously joking.”  Oxymorons have found their way into almost every facet of our lives; weddings are no exception.  Oxymoronic weddings are a growing trend.
While planning a wedding, brides are often asked for their “vision.”  Florists, bridal gown consultants, wedding cake designers, and us (wedding photographers) all need a little guidance to ensure we make the wedding day as beautiful as possible and capture beautiful memories.  Some brides have dreamed up their perfect wedding for years and know exactly what their vision is.  Other brides, however,  feel pulled in different directions and aren’t quite sure what to do or which direction to go.  For the vision conflicted bride, an oxymoronic wedding is the perfect solution.
Here are some increasingly popular oxymoronic trends:
“Shabby Chic” weddings are very popular brides today.  This term made its debut in the interior design world but has since made a grand entrance into the wedding industry.  Brides who choose this style wedding like the glamorous appearance of a wear and tear look–like antiques.  When you think of shabby chic weddings, think of a glamorous cottage (another oxymoron for you).  Essentially, it’s the perfect pairing of something expensive (even if only in appearance) with something inexpensive (again, even if only in appearance).
Here’s a great illustration of a shabby chic wedding.  The bride and groom are under an old gazebo in a garden with beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging over them.  The contrasting ideas are a great match-up for a shabby chic wedding.
Photo Courtesy Of Weddings By Lilly
Brides may opt to display their shabby chic side with their mode of transportation and other accessories. Photo Courtesy Of Weddings By Lilly
There are a variety of ways to incorporate a shabby chic style into a wedding.  Mason jars substitute well for vases and crates are an inexpensive way to display the wedding cake and other decorations.Photo Courtesy Of Weddings By Lilly
Some brides get this look across in other ways like with their shoes or other wardrobe choices.  Take the next two photos as examples. Photo Courtesy Of BRC PhotographyPhoto Courtesy Of Green Wedding Shoes
The shabby chic style wedding makes for beautiful and interesting photos. Photo Courtesy Of Green Wedding Shoes
There are no limits to how shabby or how chic you go to accomplish this style.Photo Courtesy Of Evan McMaster
Another fun oxymoronic wedding trend for brides to consider is the “Ritzy Ranch” style wedding.  This type of wedding is exactly what it sounds like: a classy wedding held on a ranch.  This trend is perfect for the bride who grew up on a rural town, perhaps on a farm, but still wants a glamorous wedding.  Interestingly, even city-dwelling brides find this style appealing.
An increasing number of ritzy ranch loving brides are opening barn doors to wedding guests for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Photo Courtesy Of One Love Photo
Photo Courtesy Of Panacea Flowers
The ritzy ranch look can be conveyed in seating arrangements for guests during the cocktail hour before the reception.Photo Courtesy Of Boho Bride
Barns can serve as fun backdrops for any wedding photo. Photo Courtesy Of Evan McMaster
With the right touch, any old barn can be transformed into something truly ritzy and regal. Photo Courtesy Of Panacea Flowers
One thing’s for sure, a ritzy ranch wedding will allow us to photograph your wedding in wide and beautiful open spaces.Photo Courtesy Of Troy Photography
The “Modern Vintage” trend may be the most popular oxymoronic wedding trend today.  A vintage style wedding typically imitates the look and feel of a wedding from a previous era.  It’s likely, however, that when a bride and groom pay homage to any previous era, they will have a modern twist to a vintage idea.  Hence the oxymoronic “modern vintage” trend.  Unless, of course, they’re somehow able to teleport themselves back in time.
Some brides and grooms opt for a modern vintage feel by the way they style themselves. Photo Courtesy Of My 1920s Wedding
Bridal boutiques often carry classic vintage and modern vintage style dresses to help a bride select the perfect one. Photo Courtesy Of Bianca Vintage
Some brides take the modern vintage look to the next level and incorporate the style in their bridesmaids’ apparel. Photo Courtesy Of Modern Vintage Bride
The vehicle in which the bride and groom arrive and depart in can also add the the modern vintage look and feel of the wedding  Photo Courtesy Of Best Wedding SitesPhoto Courtesy Of Cachic Design
A modern vintage wedding can be bright, fun, and can add whimsy to your wedding photos.Photo Courtesy Of Lemon Lime PhotographyDuring the initial stages of wedding planning, you may want to consider taking personality and style inventories to help determine what type of wedding may suit you best.  If the results of the inventories show conflicting interests in styles, no worries!  Oxymoronic weddings are the most happening wedding trend today.

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