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Photographing Wedding Shoes

Most wedding photographers think about photographing the dress, the bouquet, and the wedding rings, but what about the shoes?  Many wedding guests may not even notice wedding shoes; afterall, the bride’s shoes are typically hidden beneath her dress.  But, there’s a good chance the bride took her time finding the perfect shoes to compliment her dress and match her wedding colors.  Wedding shoes are a detail that should be captured in photos.
Some brides opt to keep their shoes on for photos.  By lifting your dress just a little bit, we can take the perfect photographs of you while wearing the shoes.Photo Courtesy Of Orchard Cove Photography
Taking bride and groom shoe photos can be fun as well.  Especially if you found a way to compliment one another. Photo Courtesy Of White Box Weddings
It can also be fun to get the bridal party involved in the wedding shoe photos. Photo Courtesy Of Jacquelyn Phillips
Don’t forget the fellas.  Sometimes they have some fancy foot action they’d like to show off as well.Photo Courtesy Of Sweet Tea Photography
Even if they aren’t matching perfectly or they choose to dress it down, it’s a fun way to remember the complete look and feel of your wedding–from head to toe.Photo Courtesy Of Emily Chastain Photography
If the bride chooses to capture photos of shoes off the foot, there are some fun ways to do that as well.
Some brides choose to hold their shoes.  This keeps the photos personal and also allows us to capture other accessories you wear. Photo Courtesy Of Ryan Polei
A growing trend in weddings is for brides to hide special messages on the bottom of their wedding shoes.  If you choose to do this, taking your shoes off will allow us to capture the perfect photo of the message. Photo Courtesy Of Christi Nelson
Wedding shoes off of the bride’s feet can be staged in interesting locations and make for beautiful and striking pictures. Photo Courtesy Of Jonathan Lawton Wedding Photography
Of course, wedding shoe photos are beautiful even if they aren’t staged and the shoes are photographed in their natural state of “rest.”Photo Courtesy Of erinhearts-court
Like almost everything in wedding photography, the look of wedding shoe photos, ultimately, comes down to personal preference.   There are more ideas for wedding shoe photos than are shown here.  What’s your favorite look?

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Beautiful wedding shoes. I love the green one. It's unique and the color is great. Thumbs up for sharing this post to us.

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