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"Photography Is For Pussies"

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You probably don’t know this about me, but I love to cook. Currently, I am trying to cook through the “French Laundry Cookbook“, and – frustrated, took a break and read a few sections out of Tim Ferris’ “The 4 Hour Chef“. There is this story of a young chef at “Alinea“, who sent out a dish called “Hot Potato, Cold Potato”. The Master Chef stops the dish, checks, it, and asks “What’s wrong with this dish”. Dumbfounded, the young guy tastes it and responds “Chef, I think the taste is spot on”, at which point the boss explodes “Are you fucking kidding me? Flavor is for pussies”.
The moral, of course, is that there is more to a great meal than just flavor. The soup should have been precisely 40deg F. The potato similarly precise. The Chef later elaborates:
“To cook delicious food is not good enough. It’s good enough if you’re eating at home, but we are trying to create nostalgia, emotional triggers, etc. Anyone can create delicious potato truffle soup. What people can’t do is honor the execution of doing something elevated”
How is this relevant? It’s the exact same for photography, isn’t it. Any art form, really. Everyone can take beautiful photos. It’s not that hard, really. However, taking good photos is really the starting point.
Technical excellence is not the goal, it’s the beginning. The real question is: How can we elevate this craft. How can we create an experience for our clients that is so exceptional that they just can’t stop talking about it? That they need to have more. Such that they crave it. How can we create it consistently that people walk into our door and expect nothing but the best?
THAT is what we are trying to perfect every day. It’s a journey, for sure. How about you join us on this journey?

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