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Photography Talk with Greg Heisler (Interview)

Dedicated to bring the best quality of wedding photography to Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland, we are constantly and actively updating our knowledge with any news regarding weddings, engagement, maternity, newborn, and especially photography. As photographers in general, it is you, Vancouver, who have been building us up since day one. Without you, we would not be where we are today. For our mission is to bring out the best services to cater to you, Vancouver, we cannot stress enough how grateful we are to be the ones sharing your memories with.

Memories start with experiences. And experiences start with relationships. We abide this law passionately and relentlessly. In this interview we have come across on PetaPixel.com, widely known portrait photographer, Gregory Heisler, gave an inspiring interview about the heart of the photography industry in our current generation.

Starting off with a quick back story as to how his career began, Heisler shared how he originally thought photography was about skills, technique, and qualifications. “A technique is something that someone else could employ and come up with a reasonably similar result,” he stated. Now that really changed me from within. Here at NPS we strive for giving our best and also leaving the best for our clients. So how do we create different results? How do we further create the most phenomenal experience for newly-weds for them to cherish for the rest of their lives? Gregory Heisler has answered all of our questions in this interview.

Take a look! Yes, this video is based on Heisler’s findings in the field of photography. But there are subtle tips and food-for-thought in means of creating a meaningful business.


A photographer is responsible for creating a climate in which they can do their best work.

— Gregory Heisler

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