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Pinterest for Wedding Planning

If you are panning a wedding, or have seen a friend go through the process, you probably noticed the piles of magazines, pictures, vendor flyers and price sheets.
Pinterest, a new… hmmm lets call it “social networking site” (more on that later) that allows users to pin content they find on the web to your personal virtual inspiration boards. It’s extremely easy this way to make collages of wedding material found online, see what works together and what doesn’t, and play around with various styles, etc.
Don’t be fooled. Pinterest is not a blog, or image sharing site. Pinterest allows you to collect images and visual content from all over the web. You see an image somewhere, go “pin” it on your site. They are uploaded to “boards” that you set up on your own profile by topic. Topics range from People to Art to Food and everything in between. Interpersonal communication is minimal and the content of your posts is what matters. The only content anyone sees of your post is the image that it is pinned with.
To get a piece of the action, you’ll first need to request an invitation. Once granted access, you will be guided to install a browser add-on, called a “bookmarklet”, which enables you to grab images from other websites and then pin (a virtual tack!) them with credit to the source on your board. Next, off you go on your scavenger hunt to create colorful collages!
Pinterest is amazing for getting ideas and inspiration from others. Dresses, hair styles, flower arrangements, table decorations, gift ideas… you name it.
Go check it out, it’s a lot of fun…

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