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Pregnancy Plus Perks

Image Courtesy of Babycenter.com Image Courtesy of Babycenter.com
As you stare at that stick indicating positive, many conflicting thoughts can start flowing through your mind. Despite the great news and joyous screams (and/or crying) of parents’ and relatives, you can’t ignore the changes in your body that may leave you feeling quite… “unpretty.”
Fortunately, there are many perks being pregnant! Are you ready, ladies?
Here they are:
Image Courtesy of Blog.sfgate.com Image Courtesy of Blog.sfgate.com

  • Humanity is restored: Most of the time when people see a lady with child, it is easier to see civility reveal itself. Customer service is suddenly at its best and staff are offering extra labor to your groceries. Seats are generously offered on public transportation and doors are opened graciously in your presence, too! (Especially the automatic ones)

Image Courtesy of Healthyskinportal.com Image Courtesy of Healthyskinportal.com

  • Fingernails grow faster: Around the 4th month, your growth hormones kicks in on a more visual scale. Your nails start growing at a significant rate that is quite noticable every few days. Imagine what’s happening in your belly… Kudos to the female body! And hey, great excuse to book an appointment for a manicure and pedicure!

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock.com Image Courtesy of Shutterstock.com

  • Hair becomes luxurious: At the 2nd trimester, with your pregnancy hormones on full-blast, you may notice a full and healthy head of hair on your noggin. It’s not that your growing more hair, your hair loss has just decreased.

Image Courtesy of Slodive.com Image Courtesy of Slodive.com

  • The baby glow: At the same time as the 2nd trimester, your blood volume and blood flow increases. This brings more blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

Image Courtesy of Freegeneraldirectories.com Image Courtesy of Freegeneraldirectories.com

  • Upgrade in lingerie: Don’t be surprise if your bra size goes up one or two cups during your pregnant months. They’re just preparing for what’s up ahead! Might as well enjoy your new cleavage and show them off!
  • A passionate partner: Your man may be very fond of your new look. When they see your blossomed and gentle curvature of your body, it’s a beautiful reminder of his legacy.

Image Courtesy of Everydayfamily.com Image Courtesy of Everydayfamily.com

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