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Prepare for Night Weddings

Photo courtesy of Amelia Strauss
Night weddings are a rare event. This is especially true if they are outside, where they aren’t well lit by artificial lights. Most people get married in the afternoon. This gives them a chance to rest the night before and make any last minute preparation the morning of the wedding. However, if you are getting married when the days are short, it can be dark as early as 4 p.m. Night weddings need special planning for the both the event coordinator and the photographer. With night photography, the light is the focal point so plenty of different kinds of lighting are needed. The photographer will use his own lighting for detailed shots of the bride and groom, but he can also take creative shots using the existing lights.
Photo courtesy of John Lyons
Existing lights come in many different forms. Streetlights can create a soft, romantic ambience that is reminiscent of a night in Paris. You probably won’t get married under a street lamp, but your photographer can move you to a picturesque location and take advantage of the existing lights. Your venue may also have similar lights that can be used like the lights on a patio or the lights on a boardwalk. Other existing lights can be found in the background, like boat lights on the water or the cityscape behind the couple.
Photo courtesy of Morgan Trinker
Your photographer can create light play to create intriguing effects that can’t be replicated during the day. Most of these photos look the best in black and white.
Photo courtesy of Queria com Peonias
When you decorate your venue, add plenty of lights. This will help create a romantic mood and it will allow your night photos to have some fun effects. For the actual ceremony, you might want to keep simple, soft lights so they don’t detract from the vows. If you are getting married in a structure, like a gazebo, try wrapping it in strands of lights. Try using different types of lighting like strings of small lights, candles, lanterns and even floating lights. Plus, the more lights you add, the more you’ll be able to see where you are going.
Photo courtesy of Photography 1827
After the ceremony or at the reception, give your guests sparkles. They can wave them instead of throwing rice. When the reception is well under way, give out glow sticks to take the celebration to the next level. All the extra lighting will help your photographer freeze the festivities and capture the party atmosphere.
Photo courtesy of Michael’s Weddings
If you choose to have a night wedding, consider your clothing choices. While the bride is usually in white or light colors, the groom and wedding party are often in darker clothes. In night photos, this can make a person blend into the background. Discuss with your photographer, the kind of night photos you want, and if that affects your attire.
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