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Rainy Day Weddings

Weather.  It’s the one thing brides can’t control on their wedding day that they would if they could.  Checking weather forecasts up until the last minute, many brides tend to worry about if the weather on their big day will be inclement or incredible.
Photo courtesy of Judy Pak Photography
The question stands:  is rain on your wedding day bad luck or good luck?  This is a question many superstitious brides ponder as they approach their wedding day.  Some believe wedding day rain be a sign of good fortune while others feel even the slight hint of rain could be a disaster.
Regardless of the superstitious beliefs some may have about rain on your wedding day, rainy day weddings can offer great opportunities for beautiful wedding photographs that could not be accomplished under a bright and sunny sky.  Brides and grooms may be praying for rain on their special day!
For the bride in tune with the weather forecast for the day, she may come prepared with appropriate footwear for photographs outside in the rain.  A fun photo can capture the forecast for the day with a simple yet beautiful shot of a bride in her rain boots, like the bride in the photograph below.
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs
Nothing compliments a bride and groom than an umbrella on a rainy day.   Pulling close to one another under the umbrella as the groom shields his bride from the rain makes for a romantic photograph.  Sharing an umbrella on their wedding day may even be symbolic of the new phase of their relationship as the two become one.
Photo courtesy of Polka Dot Bride
The light and colors on overcast days are amazing and allow for a quality of photograph we wouldn’t be able to achieve on a bright and clear day.
Photo courtesy of Vesic Photography
Bridal party photos don’t have to be taken inside on rainy days.  Take a look at the photograph below.  With a few matching umbrellas, a stunning outdoor photo can be taken of the entire group.
Photo courtesy of Razor Side Perhaps, some of the most beautiful rainy day wedding photos are the ones taken at night.  With the right lighting, we can capture the drops of rain as they hit the umbrella.  The photo below may be the type of photo that makes every bride and groom hope for rain on their wedding day.
Photo courtesy of Michael Steingard
Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life.  Don’t let inclement weather rain on your parade.  Let us take advantage of the weather and produce beautiful rainy day wedding photos!

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