Resources For Brides & Grooms

Resources For Brides and Grooms

Let us helpyou to make your wedding day, and all of the planning leading up to it, joyful in every way. We compiled an ever growing list of resources for you, all absolutely free. Please do not hesitate to let us know where we can improve, or what we can add to be of even bigger value for you.

The "Ultimate List of Vancouver Wedding Venues"

For most, the first step in wedding planning is to select the venue. Most venues book out one or two years in advance, so the venue often times dictates the date. The size of your wedding, as well as budget, naturally dictates which venue you can even consider. To make life a bit easier for you, we compiled this list, with all necessary information for you

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The "Ultimate List of Vancouver Bridal Dress Stores"

Let's face it, girls - finding your perfect dress is work. Hard work. Overwhelming! 

Let us make your life a little easier!

Especially for you, we have compiled the ultimate list of Vancouver wedding gown shops and bridal boutiques, designed to help you make your choices, plan some fun days out to see your favorites, and ultimately find the right wedding dress for you. Have fun shopping

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 "How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer" - a free three week course

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is sort of finding that special someone you're marrying...all over again! (Okay...not quite...). But think about it, after the speeches have been spoken, the venue has been cleaned up and you and your partner are off on your honeymoon...what will be left of that magical day? Memories of course...and the photos that perfectly encapsulate the happiness that was felt by all!

However, there are a LOT of "photographers" out there. Some charge $500, some charge $5000, and more. Why? And how do you even start weeding through all this mess?

In this free three week course, we at Nirvana Photography Studios will give you our tips and tricks that we've gathered while working with hundreds of couples for their weddings, as well as via our friends in the industry! 

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