Capacity: 280
Wedding Type: Classical
Wedding Setting: Options Available,  Garden, Tent, The Brock House Mansion
Address: 3875 Point Grey Road, Vancouver, BC,  V6R 1B3
Phone: 604 224 3317
Email: catering@brockhouserestaurant.com
Web Site: http://www.brockhouserestaurant.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrockHouseRestaurant

Say Yes!  Say yes, if you want a historic setting,  a sense of community,  love the idea of having your wedding and supper all in one place,  with outdoor garden space, access to the beach, the Vancouver skyline and a historic mansion for a beautiful and varied photographic experience!

Everything You Need to Know to Get Married at Vancouver’s Most Historic Wedding Venue

Every bride is an individual, and each has unique needs.  If you are looking for a Vancouver wedding venue where you can do it all in one place, this just might be the place for you.  The rehearsal can be booked Monday through Thursday, the wedding, the photographs, the dinner and dance all at the same, scenic venue. No dashing from one place to the next, bringing some serenity to a very happy but highly emotional day where you can just let the experts take over.  The Brock House hosts over 200 weddings a year.  They have the expertise, and supply everything you need for your sit down dinner from chef to chairs.  They have you covered leaving you with the important details to focus on this your special day, and that is each other.

Image courtesy of the Brock House
Image courtesy of the Brock House

There May Be Another Wedding

The Brock House provides two options for hosting weddings: An (albeit small) upstairs area, and downstairs. The foyer and the main entrance as the shared common space. Hence, unless you book the entire house, which they are happy to do, there is a good chance that another wedding will be going on at the same time.  Efforts are made to ensure that the main floor and 2nd-floor venues are separate and private with their own washrooms.   In case you worry about the Brock House also being a restaurant, the restaurant is never open when a wedding is going on.  During your special day, this property is yours. All attention will be on you.

Larger Weddings Will Be Split in Two

The main downstairs venue  uses a combination of  the Conservatory and a Garden Tent (May through September only) for seating. The conservatory, with its view on the surrounding ocean and mountains,  holds 100 people at its banquet tables. The tent seats 180, totalling a maximum wedding size of 280 guests.  Having your guests split up in two separate seating areas is something to consider if having everyone together in one place is important to you.

Photo courtesy of the Brock House
Photo courtesy of the Brock House


Alternate Second Floor Venue for the Smaller Wedding

The second-floor venue provides room for a smaller wedding and can accommodate up to 50 people in the so called Begg Room. The adjacent Sun Room provides overflow space for eight guests, which can come in handy. However, use the full capacity of 50 people and it will be a tight squeeze, and put a new meaning to the term “intimate wedding”.  If you choose to seat people in the overflow area, it will make those sitting there feel somewhat separated from the main action, not a feeling you want any of your guests to have. It is, however, ideal as a place for children who want a little more freedom to be themselves.

Private Outdoor Garden Areas

One well thought out aspect of the Venue is that each wedding party has their own private outdoor garden space allocated. The first-floor venue wedding guests have access to the “North Lawn” with an incredible maple tree,  in addition to the conservatory and garden tents.
With the 2nd Floor venue, guests have access to a private patio and access to the West Lawn, providing them with an outside area all of their own.

Important Things to Consider: From Parking to the Groomsmen

One important  thing you will want to consider is the lack of parking facilities at the Brock House, with only 25 parking spaces available.  Guests will have to reside to using the paid public parking at Jericho Beach, a short distance away.
If you have your mind set on a specific DJ, you are likely out of luck: The Brock House is working exclusively with two DJ providers for you to pick from:  Man About Town Entertainment and X-Treme Event Group Inc. ,
About the “getting ready” part of the day: While the Brock House offers a room for the bride to get dressed there is no such thing for the groomsmen, they will have to get dressed and prepare elsewhere.

Your Wedding Setting and the Memories to be Captured by Your Wedding Photographer

Image courtesy of the Brock House
Image courtesy of the Brock House

The possibilities of the memories you will take home in your heart, and of your commitment captured by your wedding photographer documenting this extraordinary day, can reflect a sense of the continuum that we all experience of a future built upon our present and the foundation of our past.  Whether those memories are captured alongside the historic Brock House mansion built in 1912, designed by the noted architect, Samuel Maclure, or under the spreading mantle of an outside cathedral created by the arc of the leaves swinging gently from the incredible majestic maple tree representing life, endurance, and roots into the past.
There is something special knowing that the place where you are getting married reflects the continuation, the commitment that the marriage vows represents.  A wedding venue that has seen the passage of time that looks today much like it did over a century ago.  Because if there is one day, where you will be struck by an almost overwhelming feeling of belonging to something more,  it will be this day as you stand with the person that you love, in front of your parents, your family, before your community, and in that moment that is all about the two of you, you will feel the support, the love, of this amazing group of people – friends and family who are there to witness your promises to each other.   This mansion has endured. She has passed through the backs of time that has seen her celebrated as a movie set,  an RCMP Vancouver detachment and left sadly derelict for a few years before being once again transformed into an incredibly beautiful mansion and gardens that can celebrate with you that most wonderful day, your wedding.
But then surprisingly just a short walk away, with over 300 feet of sandy beach waterfront and a background of the Vancouver skyline you can bring a very different feel to the memories you capture on that day with your photographer – an opportunity to capture the modern present.
Photo courtesy of Alicia Keats Weddings + Events, photographed by Christie Graham
Photo courtesy of Alicia Keats Weddings + Events, photographed by Christie Graham

This wedding venue is for the bride who enjoys the idea of a classic wedding.

A Vancouver Wedding Venue that Will Be Part of your Future

The Brock House can be someplace more than the place where you exchange your vows; it can also be a part of your lives for years to come.  A part of your future.  The Brock House celebrates being a fine dining establishment – a place to return to for loving anniversary dinners returning to the place where you have sweet memories of the place where it all began.
Imagine how incredibly romantic it will be to have a place where you can return to year after year for an anniversary dinner or for that exquisite, unique, one of a kind Valentine dinner that they offer every year at the Brock House.
Your marriage, your future and the one day that you will always celebrate as one of the most important in your past, on this very special day.   Your wedding day.

Summary – Is This The Wedding Venue for You?

Say yes if you want a classic setting,  a sense of community,  love the idea of having it all in one place,  with outdoor garden space, access to the beach, the Vancouver skyline and a historic mansion for a beautiful and varied photographic experience.

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