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Save Your Date With Style

Do you remember the days when we received “save the date” notes in the mail that had a brief description of when and where a couple’s wedding was scheduled to take place?  Well, the days of simple cards and notes reminding us to save the date have gone.  Today, couples are looking for creative ways to personalize engagement announcements to ask family and friends to save a spot on their calendars for their wedding day.  What better way for a couple to personalize their announcement than with a photo?
Save the date photos don’t have to be extravagant; we can capture the perfect shot with a simple exchange of a kiss and displaying the date of your wedding.  In the photo below, the couple has their wedding date tied on a ribbon.  It’s simple, yet very intimate and personal.
Photo Courtesy Of East Hill Photo
The couple below is using the same general concept, but let’s take a look at different ways to display the date you want family and friends to save.  The different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures used below are very eye-catching and makes for a fun and quirky photo.  While their date display is a little more extravagant than the one above, the concept is still simple and the photograph says it all:  “we’re in love, we’re getting married on this date, and we want you to be at our wedding.”
Photo Courtesy Of w+e photographie
The next couple (below) took extravagant displays to the next level and put their names and wedding date in lights.  With a little smooch under the display, this photo captures the moment beautifully.  The marquee brightens up the whole picture (and street).  If this type of photo doesn’t say “this is our wedding date and we want you to save it,” I don’t know what does.
Photo Courtesy Of mi belle photography
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways for a couple to display their future wedding date in a photo.  Whether it’s arranged with scrabble tiles, flying on a banner attached to a plane, written on a chalkboard, etched on a sandy beach, decorated on cookies (as seen below), or digitally added, a couple can’t go wrong with the method they choose–especially if it reflects their personalities.
Photo Courtesy Of A Crimson Kiss
Photo Courtesy Of A Crimson Kiss
While kissing may be a common theme in many save the date photographs, it isn’t required.  Believe it or not, kissing isn’t always the first choice for future brides and grooms.  After all, not everyone is into PDA (public displays of affection).  Some engaged couples want to capture their love and personalities in other ways.
For instance, this photo is dynamic and really captures this couple’s style.
Photo Courtesy Of Lauren Ross Photo  
Here’s a lighthearted kiss-free way to announce your wedding date.
Photo Courtesy Of Fab You Bliss
 And if you’d rather stay out of the picture, we can still capture a fun save the date photo.
Photo Courtesy Of All Growed Up
There are countless ways to ask your family and friends to save the date.  Sure, you can use the old-fashioned method and put cards in the mail with a simple note.  But why not capture it in a photo?  Your loved ones will probably want to hold on to your save the date photo long after your wedding date has passed!  Wouldn’t you?

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