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Shooting "Anything But"

Via Joe's Apartment's Website
Via Joe’s Apartment’s Website
The other night I ventured downtown, to a club called Joe’s Apartment. One of our groom’s – Rob – is the drummer in a local band called “Anything But” (check them out!) and I wanted to take some shots of him in action for their wedding album and slideshow.
I had never been to Joe’s Apartment, turns out they feature a variety of life bands – at least on Thursday nights. Anything But describes themselves as playing “lyrical rock”, but what was blasting my eardrums out of my skull when I walked in was… wait for it…. anything but! On stage was what turned out to be a band called “Jesus Kryst” (no typo, and exactly what I was thinking!) and, on the floor, their following of head-banging, screaming, beer bottle toting, fist pumping, old-school rockers. Rock-on!
After a while, both the band and the ringing in my ears disappeared and “Anything But” started to set up on stage, giving me the chance to check out Joe’s Apartment. Actually: I like the place! It has it’s charm. It’s small, but nicely set up, and apparently after 10 a cute little place to party. The staff is super easy going, the bouncer even gave me access to the otherwise restricted balcony to take “higher up” shots of the band. Cool!
The band turned out to be quite good, I recommend you check them out. You can play the clip below to hear a sample of their music. All over all a good way to spend a Thursday night and have some fun shooting a music band, which I don’t get to do very often…

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