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Squeeze! Large Group Photos at Your Wedding

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Day Photography A large group picture is often a challenge. Most weddings have at least one group photo of the wedding party, which is usually around 10 people and includes the bridal party. But, some couples opt for larger group photos of the wedding party and family, or even all the guests.

These tricky photos need to be planned ahead of time for the best results. Work with your photographer to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish. If it isn’t done carefully, some people will end up with their faces covered or their heads chopped off. It’s even worse if you want everyone to be smiling and looking at the camera. The best group shots are casual and fun. This makes it ok for people to be goofy or to look in different directions. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the flawless group photo, but trust me, posing for a fun group picture is more rewarding than struggling to get everyone smiling and not blinking. The results are worth it.

This fun pose is for a bridal event, but can be used for a wedding party and family.

Photo courtesy of Sina English

If you want a picture of your entire wedding party, you’ll need to think about where this picture is going to be taken. There are some restrictions, but with some creativity, you can take large group photos almost everywhere. Take advantage of some of the landscape or furniture at your location. For example, church pews, large beach rocks, bridges, trees and boat docks can help you set up a large group photo. Even an open piece of grass or sand will work. Whatever location you choose, make sure the background is simple. A sea of faces is busy enough by itself and a cluttered background will just detract from the image.

A plaza with the couple dancing and all the guests watching, makes for a good group photo opportunity. Any picture with the group gathered around the bride and groom as they dance will work as long as the photographer has the right lighting and position.

Photo courtesy of Inspired Goodness

In most situations, the photographer will want to be in a position where he can shoot the photo from above the group. This elevated position is flattering to most people because they have to look up and this elongates the neck and smoothes out any wrinkles. Your photographer may use a chair, rock or climb above and shoot down from a balcony, like those found in churches.

Every photographer likes to bend the rules and some of them will do the exact opposite like in this example of a photographer that shoots up at the wedding party. This close photo is fun and everyone’s face is visible and happy.

Photo courtesy of Wedding Photography

Break up large groups when possible. You can divide them into male/female groups like this all-girls photo that has a soft, familial feeling.

Photo courtesy of Wedding Photography

Most large photos work best if people are fit snuggly together but some photographers can make it work with people that are grouped into clusters or staggered.

Photo courtesy of Wedding Photography

Not all wedding photographers plan to take large group weddings photos, particularly with all the guests. If this is what you want, make sure you talk to your photographer ahead of time and share any ideas you have so you don’t need to worry on your wedding day.

Photo courtesy of Captive Light

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