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Stand Out in Fall Wedding Photos

It’s that time of year.  The leaves are shades of orange, yellow, and red, and the temperature continues to drop.  Yes, fall has arrived!
Photo courtesy of Ivan Zamauhin
Many brides and grooms have waited patiently to wed this time of year purely for the wonderful shades the trees turn that will serve as lovely backdrops in their outdoor portraits.  But brides and grooms should be careful not to let the scenery upstage them in wedding photos.
Reds, browns, oranges, yellows, and greens.  These are all colors brides typically lean toward when planning a fall wedding.  There is nothing wrong with these colors, but it may be easy for bride and groom to get lost in outdoor photographs without something to set them apart from the colors that surround them.
Photo courtesy of Jan M.
Today, we see more and more brides opting for splashes of purples, pinks, greys, creams, golds, and blues.  As accents to traditional fall wedding colors, these new fall colors pop against an autumn backdrop and photograph beautifully.
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Ryan Photography.While decorating for your wedding, there are ways to pay homage to the fall season without going overboard.  For example, a bright orange pumpkin is a definite symbol of fall, but having pumpkins sprinkled around your wedding may be a bit distracting and expected.  If you want to incorporate pumpkins, why not spray paint the pumpkin another color and carve or paint your initials on the outside (as shown in the photograph below)?  With slight changes like this, you still acknowledge the season while also allowing for more unique and personalized wedding photographs.
Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty
Fall is a beautiful time of year to photograph a wedding.  While it may be tempting to let the scenery attract all of the attention in photographs, there are ways you can decorate and accent your wedding that will allow us capture the natural beauty of the season and keep you at center stage in photos on your big day.
Photo courtesy of Vantage Pictures

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