02 Nov: Stand Out in Fall Wedding Photos

Many brides and grooms have waited patiently to wed this time of year purely for the wonderful shades the trees turn that will serve as lovely backdrops in their outdoor portraits. But brides and grooms should be careful not to let the scenery upstage them in wedding photos.

26 Sep: Wedding Colour Themes

Every wedding should have a colour theme. Without one, the overall look is uncoordinated and the décor will clash. Colour themes can be as simple as “pink and white.” Or they can be more complicated like “muted cool colours.” Whatever the theme, it should be consistent throughout the wedding party and décor. This makes the ceremony aesthetically pleasing and the colours in the photos will bring harmony to the image. A photo with a loud burst of clashing colour in one corner will detract from the overall image.

15 Aug: Rainy Day Weddings

Weather. It’s the one thing brides can’t control on their wedding day that they would if they could. Checking weather forecasts up until the last minute, many brides tend to worry about if the weather on their big day will be inclement or incredible.