30 Jul: Create a Wistful, Bohemian-Inspired Wedding

Bohemian is a term that is used loosely. Generally, it describes a style that is gypsy-like and based on a free spirit lifestyle. Colors are soft and muted and images have an ethereal look to them. There is a growing trend for bohemian weddings. This look is created for the ceremony but it really comes alive in the photos. To help your photos have a bohemian look…

11 May: Embrace Wedding Day Rain

Every bride considers the weather when she is planning her wedding, especially for outdoor locations. Bad weather on your wedding day is a bad omen, right? Not true at all. Rain on a wedding day is actually considered good luck in some regions….

09 May: Get the Perfect Pictures when you Elope

Elopements are a completely different kind of wedding. They are often fast and unplanned. But many times, they are planned with the idea of simplifying the process. A couple will choose to elope so that the event is a special occasion just between the bride and groom. Other times, they find it easier to do things their way when their families clash. Either way, the day usually consists of only witness to the wedding or a handful of guests. It’s usually much shorter than other ceremonies and there isn’t a large banquet after.

23 Mar: Fun Pic Friday

  Photo courtesy of The Telegraph You may have thought your wedding train was long, but nothing beats this train. I mean it. Nothing. Romania model Emma Dumitrescu chose a 1.85-mile…