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The Perfect Woman in 25 Different Countries

With high end retouching being a big part of our business as Vancouver Wedding and Boudoir Photographers (luckily, babies have the proverbial, perfect skin already), this article from Huffington Post has caught our attention. Being called “Hollywood North” for many years, Vancouver has also gathered multi-cultural audience. Because of that, Vancouver allows us to work with couples and models of any ethnicity.

Bring us back to this article from Huffington Post, this is Esther Honig. As a curious humanity journalist, she uploaded and sent out her own picture all over the world allowing photo editors from 40 different countries to project their perspective of beauty.

Original Photo of Esther Honig. Image Courtesy of Huffington Post Women Original Photo of Esther Honig. Image Courtesy of Huffington Post Women

Her results were brow raising and definitely re-evaluated our cultural awareness. It has reconfirmed that every individual has different views towards aesthetic preferences. This article has also reminded us in the past when we have interviewed and recruited photo editors for NPS. It is amazing how different the finishing photo turns out when retouched by various point of views!

See full story  and more photos here: What Happened When One Woman Had Her Picture Photoshopped In 25 Different Countries

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