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Tips for Choosing Bridal Hair Accessories

With everything on your wedding checklist, you’d love to erase, “Buy a Veil” without a second thought, wouldn’t you. Who needs a veil anyway, especially when most brides only wear it for the ceremony? Before you decide you can do without, though, think about this: by wearing a veil, you’ll make an even more dramatic and stunning entrance than if you let your head go au naturel. Plus, a veil can compliment your gown’s embroidery or beading. Any ol’ veil simply won’t do, though. Explore your options to choose the perfect veil to fit your gown, wedding theme and personal style.

Types of Veils

1. Blusher: Perfect for non-traditional brides who want to evoke a vintage fee. Blusher veils are short, usually not longer than 30”. The veil will cover your face but end close to the neckline of your dress.
2. Cathedral: The only option for brides who want the most theatrical, regal entrance possible. Cathedral veils are generally between 108” and 120” long. They extend all the way past the gown’s train.
3. Chapel: Ideal for brides who don’t want a pesky train on their dress. Chapel veils give the illusion of a train and are usually about 90” long. The veil will extend a bit beyond the gown and lightly sweep the floor.
4. Elbow: Excellent for conservative brides who want a little extra coverage without adding another layer. These veils are approximately 32” long and drape over the shoulder and down to the elbow.

5. Fingertip: Optimal for brides who want to show off embellishments on the back of their gown. These veils are 38” to 40” long and are made of sheer fabric so that the details of the dress can still be showcased.
6. Floor: These veils match the length of the bride’s gown at 72” long, grazing the floor. Floor-length veils add volume to the bride’s look, which is great for brides who chose a streamlined silhouette but secretly wanted a ball gown.
7. Waltz: The number one choice for brides who want to keep their veil on during the reception. At 60”, waltz veils don’t get in the way of dancing, mingling and cake cutting.

Types of Bridal Hair Accessories

Aside from the veil, there are four main kinds of hair accessories for brides:
1. Hair Combs: Available in various shapes and sizes. Best to wear with partial or full updos. If your veil’s on a comb too, that’s fine – when the veil’s comb is removed, the adorned comb can still stay in place.

2. Hair Pins: Ideal for brides who want understated embellishment in their hair style, particularly with a bun, chignon or Grecian plait. Hair pins can be worn toward the back of the head, which is great for brides who wear stand out jewelry.
3. Headbands: Versatile and great for all hairstyles, including down, up and half-up. The band can be garnished to match your dress by adding crystals, pearls or a colored ribbon.


4. Tiaras: Great for brides who want to put the focus at the front of their heads. Tiaras can be worn with virtually any hair style.

Tips for Buying and Wearing Bridal Hair Accessories


  • Pick your dress before your hair accessories. The dress’ neckline will determine how you’ll wear your hair, which in turn will determine what type of hair accessory you want. The color of your dress will play a role, too. If you have a stark white dress and an off-white veil or fabric embellishment, the accessory is going to look dingy in comparison.
  • Try before you buy. Just like with clothing, accessories can look very different once they’re actually on. Also, don’t immediately say “no” to a pretty accessory before giving it a spin. You may love a hair comb, headband or veil much more when you see how well it compliments your hair color, complexion or eyes.
  • If your hair accessory has metal elements, match it to your jewelry. For example, if you’re wearing silver jewelry, match it with silver hair accessories.




  • While you can choose hair accessories for the bridal party that match your own, you don’t absolutely have to. If you want everyone to coordinate without matching your bridesmaids exactly, choose complementary accessories. For example, if you’re wearing a headband decorated with crystals, your bridesmaids can wear hair combs with the same crystal design.
  • Can’t find exactly what you want in the store? Many accessories companies will create a custom piece just for you.


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