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Tips for Creative Photography Inspiration

1. Watch a Movie

Movies are a great source of visual inspiration, everything from composition and interesting subjects are explored in a movie. Beyond the visual experience, movies provide stories that could also spark your own creative engine.

2. Browse Galleries

Looking through photography and other random galleries could spark a bit of creativity for you to work with. Try to look at images you wouldn’t normally look at, so you bring fresh ideas to mind. There’s a difference between inspiring yourself and simply admiring other people’s work.

3. Read a Magazine/Book

Magazines are a great source of inspiration as they report new events and information in an interesting manner. The best magazines for inspiration are art, design and fashion magazines, as they focus on the visuals. Books are also a great way to reinvigorate your creativity, a story could kick-start some ideas for your next creative photography session.

4. Take a Scenic Walk

It’s no secret that nature is a great source of inspiration, but you should also look at man-made structures or simply take a different way to work. Look at things from a different perspective while taking in all the sights.

5. Play a Video Game

Today’s video games are packed with amazing designs and graphics and it would be really hard not to grab some inspiration from the experience.

6. Learn a New Technique

One of the easiest ways to get inspired for creative photography is to learn a new technique. By doing these studies you will learn how a certain technique works and then start applying it to your next photos. Soon enough you will want to explore this technique to its fullest and that’s when the good ideas come out.

7. Use Props

Play around with some props and try to use them in weird and interesting ways. Take an ordinary everyday object and challenge yourself to make it look extraordinary.
8. Attend an Art Show or Event
Whether it’s an art exhibition or a music event, experiencing these sights and sounds will open your eyes to what is possible. Appreciating other people’s work and ideas can be a crucial part in developing your own creative work.

9. Set Yourself a Challenge

If you feel like there is a certain area of photography that you are weak in or you’ve wanted to try out a certain style but haven’t experimented with it before. Set yourself the challenge of attempting these projects and push yourself.

10. Take a Self-Portrait

Attempt to take a self-portrait where you express something about yourself. Don’t limit yourself to just taking a simple snapshot, but try to convey a message or idea through your self-portrait. Hopefully this will spark a bit of creativity.

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