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To Trash or To Cherish

There are two very distinct post-wedding photography session styles fighting for a bride’s attention today:  trash the dress and cherish the dress photo sessions.  The decision between the two styles, essentially, reflects how a bride believes her wedding dress should be treated and captured in photos after the big day.   To trash or to cherish?  That is the question.

To Trash

Photo by ‘I Do’ It Yourself

Most brides who participate in trash the dress photo sessions have a ‘it’s just a dress’ mentality when they look at or think about their wedding dress.  Few trash the dress participants intend to re-wear their dresses or preserve them for years to come.  Weddings can be a stressful day for both the bride and groom; trash the dress photo sessions are a perfect way for the bride and groom to let loose and have fun after their wedding day.  It’s almost like therapy.  The best part is, everything is captured in the photos we take to help them remember their ‘therapy session.’ Whether it’s rolling around in the dirt, running through muddy fields, swimming in the ocean, or having a paint fight with their spouse, trash the dress photo sessions encourage brides to get their dresses as messy and dirty as they can stand.

To Cherish

Photo by Pro Photo Nut

On the other side of the spectrum are brides who want to cherish their dresses for as long as possible but also want a few more pictures taken before they have them vacuum wrapped and stored away.  Many brides who participate in cherish the dress photo sessions wouldn’t dream of tarnishing a dress they spent months searching for and, in some cases, years dreaming about.  Cherish the dress sessions allow us to capture shots of the bride in her dress that may not have been possible on the wedding day due to time or weather constraints.  These sessions also allow the bride and groom to relax and have fun while capturing fun and elegant photos without the mud and dirt.
There’s no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing a post-wedding photo session style.  It’s all a matter of personal taste.  If you find you’re a combination of both of these brides or you just can’t decide, you may want to consider a cherish the dress session with your real wedding dress and finding a thrift store bargain dress to trash.  With an increasing number of brides booking post-wedding photo sessions with us, the question stands:  to trash or to cherish?  Which side do you fall on?

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