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Turning Every Groom into a GQ Model

Guys lets face it… most of us aren’t GQ models. Secretly we know this, and it makes us uneasy when a camera is pointed at us. An if there is one thing a camera picks up immediately, it’s a lack of confidence!
To make matters worse, guys don’t usually get much chance to compensate for it, either: While, especially during weddings, the girls are sporting the nicest dresses, carefully picked to accentuate their body and personality, get great makeup, and are generally transformed into something fresh out of a bridal magazine, us guys don’t really have much to compete with in terms of fashion statements. Be honest: When was the last time someone looked at a bride-and-groom portrait and their first words were “wow nice suit”? My point exactly…
But… let me tell you a secret: You can look this good, too! Don’t get me wrong: You should dress nicely… In fact, just to be sure: be the best dressed guy in the room. But it should be obvious that an Armani suit alone doesn’t land you a cover shot. In fact, you don’t even have to spend a fortune to look good in your pictures picture. It’s all about… you ready…? Wait for it…. here it comes… It’s about confidence. It’s about body language. It’s about how you wear your clothes. It’s about knowing in which poses you look good, what works for you and what doesn’t.
Your facial expressions – incredibly important. Mouth, eyes and eyebrows… what makes you look great in front of a camera?
You know, the paid models learned this in school. You, however,  learn this in a pre-wedding shoot. Gareth here is a nice example: We recently got together for an in-studio, guys-only session to talk about all of this. Handsome guy, for sure. But point a camera at him, and he does what most of us would do: Put on his “camera face”, straighten up, shoulders back, chest out… try to fake a smile and wait for all of this to be over.

Admittedly, you don’t want to look like that in ANY picture. Also, knowing his wife, she would probably beat me with my own tripod. Gareth and I spend about an hour in the studio, trying out different poses, talked about how to smile, angles, learned how to turtle your neck to achieve certain looks, and developed a signature look that just works for him. Confident, yet cool…
I say it again: Confident, yet cool! That’s exactly how you want to look.
It’s an hour well spend. If you hire us as your wedding shooters, it is, in fact, madatory to spend this time with us. Why? Because we care! We want you to look your best on your wedding, and that’s just not possible if all of us “just show up”.
Of course, during his wedding day, Gareth is most likely not going to remember all of this. However, the confidence boost of knowing, without a doubt, that he will look his best in his pictures, has an amazing effect on the outcome. At the same time, if I now tell Gareth to drop his shoulder for me and push his head forward, he knows exactly what I mean – we are a team now.
Look out for him on the next GQ cover!

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