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Hear About Laura & Daryn's Vancouver Wedding Photography Experience

Laura & Daryn are such a nice couple, and we were very fortunate to not only photograph their wedding, but also now call them friends. They volunteered to talk about their experience with us, how we met, their journey with us leading up to the wedding, and how it is working with us. So, without further ado, here we go.


– [Laura] When we first met Maik and Nirvana, it was at a wedding show. We were looking for a wedding photographer. But we weren’t, I guess, 100% sure that we wanted to use one, because we were on the fence about cost and of course concerned about that sort of thing. But when we saw their work, we were really impressed, and Darryn definitely really loved the artistry of the photos.
– [Daryn] Yeah, I was really, really impressed by…their booth is…when we walked by them, it seemed like it wasn’t like photographers, it was more like artists presenting their work as…their wedding photos, and it was completely different from everyone else. Oh, we actually skipped their booth, though, at first. – The first time we walked by, it seemed… – It was kind of… – We were worried, I guess, that it would be out of our price range. Just, the quality seemed to high, and we were thinking, “Oh, we’re…” – It was really impressive. I remember looking at Laura like, “Oh, maybe we should go check them out,” we were like, “No, we should skip them.” And then we did. We actually went to interview another photographer first and we started asking him all the questions that we have, like our base questions. At the very end of the show, we thought, “Well, we may as well just go take a look because we looked at everyone else.” And when we did, it was… I was really impressed. What happened? We showed up and then I started looking at some of the photos and then Maik started talking to me, and Nirvana started talking to Laura. And I remember when we kind of met up with each other again to compare notes, we were both, like, just massive smiles on our face, like, “Oh, this is cool and these guys are great.”
– It seemed really easy. One of the things that we were both worried about was we felt that it would be really awkward being in front of a camera, having somebody posing us and taking pictures, so we were really worried about that component and how the pictures would turn out. But I think what was really valuable was the fact that Maik and Nirvana took the time to get to know us beforehand. So we felt really comfortable spending time with them and doing the photos. And then I think they were able to get a sense of who we are as people, and so knowing kind of what we want in terms of the photos, which worked really great. So then they were able to personalize it so it would meet our needs, and they also were really accommodating that we wanted to include our dog Cody in a bunch of the photos. And we were able to include him as well, so I’m very happy about that.
– One thing I really, really appreciated was, I guess, a couple things. The first is, for some of the engagement photos, we were a little concerned about the fact that maybe there’s nothing too special about them. We’ll go out, we’ll go in the woods, we’ll go maybe city or something and just take some photos, and that’s that. But for myself, and I know for us, they became very memorable, very…when I think back to them, it was like, “Wow, that was actually really, really a great day.” It was really nice. It wasn’t just about taking photos of us. It was also getting to know Maik and Nirvana and Des [SP]. Oh, yeah, I was quite happy every time I went home with that, like, “Oh, I can’t wait for the next one.” Then I guess the other thing I would like to say is the fact that seeing some of the work that they’ve done in the past and seeing the work that they’ve done for us is not always the same. It’s not cut, paste, cut, paste. It’s not a sepia-type filter. Everything is…it was more unique to us and it was greatly appreciated because it doesn’t feel that…the photos that we received are somebody else’s work put onto us. It feels like it’s part of us, and every time I look at them, I feel a lot of joy. I feel pretty happy about how they turned out. And I enjoy it. I really do. I remember showing up and seeing Maik, seeing you, just show up with all your gear and the tripod. When you set everything up on top, I was like, “Wow. I can’t believe he was outpacing us.” But I really appreciated it. It wasn’t our idea. It was, actually, I think it was Nirvana’s to go out for a nice, a beautiful sunset scene for one of the engagement photos, and the idea was to have a traditional native button blanket being made by my mom and to kind of showcase that. And I know my entire family was just very appreciative of the whole… – I think the opportunity…
– Yeah. – …to have your culture involved in the wedding and engagement photos. And I know your mom spent a lot of time working on that blanket, and then also your sisters helped.
– Some of your other relatives as well. It was, I think, really nice… I think they felt good about being able to contribute that component to the pictures, and then very proud when they saw the pictures.
– One thing that worried me, though, a little bit, was how Maik was really involved, really wanted to ask a lot of questions, and actually started asking my mom some questions. And I know my mom gave him her number to meet up together. I didn’t know what they had planned, so I was hoping that it wasn’t going to be anything too embarrassing, which it wasn’t. There was nothing embarrassing. I remember, like, “What are you guys doing?”

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