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Into the wild: Shoot-out Maik vs. Nirvana

Wedding season is still in full swing in Vancouver, lots of newborns waiting to be photographed, and I am building so many boudoir sets lately that the studio sometimes feels like an episode of “Tool Time”.

Driving back from a newborn shoot at a client’s house in Richmond, we noticed some bunnies on the side walk. Nothing special. Then, a bit later: “Oh look, some more bunnies, must be a convention somewhere”, we joked.

Suddenly, Nirvana punches me in the arm: BABY BUNNIES!!!!! I slam on the brakes and bring the Jeep to a screeching halt.

Just in case you think we are cheating: This is how it looked right before we left....  Just in case you think we are cheating: This is how it looked right before we left….
Right there, on the side walk, we indeed find a rabbit hole with at least eight baby bunnies. All with different markings – cuteness overload! Sometimes you just have to have some fun…  Of course, we had to get our cameras and turn this into a little exercise and competition: Take the best bunny picture (clearly!), but take it so it looks like it is taken “in the wild”, not in the midst of the city on a side walk.
When we stopped, no one was around, but after a while, people did take notice of the guy laying on his stomach on the side walk, pointing a long lens at a bush. Luckily, noone called the cops, but little kids and dogs alike started congregating and put an end to the fun.

We Need Your Help

So now, we need your help! Be the judge: Who took the best picture (Vote for me!!! Vote for me!!!)? Obviously I am not going to tell you who took which picture, leave your vote in the comments!
It’s only six images, so lets go with top left to bottom right: 1 -2 -3 – next -row 5-6-7


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Too fun! Ok, really tough choice – but I am going to have to go with bottom left (perhaps some numbers would be helpful?

3 or #5

Marcus – #4 (bottom left)
Chelsea – #2 (top center)

Thanks for a wonderful shoot today!

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