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The Perfect Record of Your Wedding Day

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding day! It is going to be one of the most memorable days in your life.
We are Nirvana & Maik, you can read more about us here, but for now, we want to talk about you and what we will do for you. We know: You are going to be so excited – and so focused on yourself and your loved one (and perhaps your future mother-in-law) – that you’ll miss most of what goes on. In addition, you can’t see yourself and what you look like (unless you spend the whole day looking in a mirror). Are you going to look fantastic? Of course you are.

You Don’t Want Awkward Poses

So you don’t want a series of boring photos with awkward poses where the two of you look like a pair of statues. You want photos with style, panache, a touch of magic – photos that look as stunning as you will. You want the best wedding photographers you can get.
We will make it fun – your smiles will be real smiles. You’ll actually look happy on your wedding day!

You Want to Be Different

While we work hard to provide you images that you will not just like, but love – we want our job to be more than just taking pictures. We build Nirvana Photography Studios to give our brides and grooms the opportunity to walk away from their weddings with the most amazing experience of their life. We strongly believe that every bride is unique and has different wants and desires for her own wedding day, which is why we do not have a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to your wedding.
We go the extra mile when it comes to your images. We start working with our couples typically a year before the wedding. This allows us not only to tell your story in a meaningful way, but also to plan and create some fun shoots before the actual day that truly reflect who you are, and make for some stunning, jaw dropping memories worth presenting on your wall for years to come.

You Want A Vivid Record of All The Magic Moments

Then, on your wedding day, when you revel in being the centre of attention, you’ll want a full, dynamic record of the day.
So we not only shoot any family or other group you want (we even shoot your future mother-in-law – with a camera), we also gather lots of great images (unobtrusively) throughout the day: cute kids, funny moments, etc.
On the day of, we will be the first ones to come, and the last ones to leave. We will take photos of the preparations for the wedding, the “getting ready”, as well as pictures of the general setting and the little details (rings, flowers, close-ups of that exquisite lace on the dress, etc) that will add lots of nice touches to the wedding album.
All we care about is to ensure that you don’t just look back on your wedding day as memorable, but that, as your memory gradually fades, you’ve got a vivid and complete record from start to finish – and one that will never fade.

You Want to Have Fun

Our invaluable experience as  Vancouver wedding photographers ensures that your wedding images are stress free on your big day and most importantly – FUN!
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