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Should Vancouver Wedding Couples Pay For This?

As Vancouver Wedding Photographer, we always try and find the nicest engagement/wedding photo shoot locations in the Lower Mainland. Vancouver is, after all, one of the nicest cities in the world, and especially for our out-of-town clients we do our best to incorporate Vancouver’s landmarks into our shoots. It’s a privilege to be able to get married in Vancouver, so why not show it off?
So here’s the shocker: it costs $500 to hold a photo shoot in the lobby of “Hotel Europe.” Hotel Europe is one if Vancouver’s heritage building built on a triangular lot located in the heart of Gastown (43 Powell Street). The historical building originally functioned as a hotel (obviously) but was renovated in the 80’s as low-income housing. The famous historical building of Vancouver was also reportedly haunted. Sightings and audio disturbances were experienced by the tenants of Hotel Europe.
Don’t get me wrong: With the amount of Wedding Photographers in Vancouver, I¬†agree it is completely reasonable to charge a fee for shooting at the high end or landmark locations. But please… within reason!!!! In comparison with Hycroft Manor and their wonderful staff on site, I cannot help but tilt my head in confusion…
What do you think, Vancity? Is $500 a reasonable price for an hour (three max) of a photo shoot? Leave a comment below! It’d be great to hear what everyone thinks!

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